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Another Big Win For Resorts In Cancun

A Big Win For Any Cancun Resort

Welcome to my latest SEO Strategy (started 6/17/20) and content market for resorts video.  In this video I discuss sub niches withing your main niche.  What I mean is there are a lot of ways to build up your resort through content marketing.  Let’s look at an example of a sub niche. 

Let’s look at the phrase: “Day Of The Dead”.  This phrase is not directly related to any resort or hotel and yet it could drive an impressive amount of web traffic directly to them.  This search by itself gets over 600,000 searches a month!

Watch the video series below...

Video #1: Keyword research & sub niches!

No matter what niche you are in there are sub niches.  In the handyman business your would have things like toilet repair and gutter cleaning.  If you are a resort or hotel you could write about fun things to do or even a monkey or bird you have on resort. 

So I found a keyword phrase that has a slew of volume and so let’s target it in a new series.  The phrase is “Day Of The Dead” and so we are going to create a web page from scratch after some basic keyword research and see where we fall in the Google directory.  This project will take several months and will be an ongoing project right into 2021. 

So I hired a writer to write the first article based on a basic keyword list.  We are shooting for several thousand words and probably 25 sub headers.  Maybe something like 50 things to know about the Day Of The Dead!

Mentioned in this video is my I Want To Travel To website and its 300 plus pages of content.  I also mention and will be publishing the article we are creating to All Inclusive Vacation & Travel

If resorts want more direct bookings they are going to have to produce content and hire someone like me before they lose this market too. 

Just like Hotels.com and TripAdvisor have taken over the direct booking market for stays, the wedding market is going away soon too.  The it will be all the smaller niches and hotels and resorts will be screwed and have no direct bookings.

Video #2: Let's create an article to catch some of this traffic!

In video #2, I will be creating an article via a writer on Fiverr.  I will have this writer create an article that is around 2000 words.  We will then together review that article and see what needs to be done before publishing it.  

Once published there will be several weeks where I will build some basic links and share the images and content to different social networks.

What did you think? Is it possible that every resort in Cancun has missed this? See how valuable an SEO strategist is and how I can change your bottom line.