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I don’t just sell random web services, I take on projects to succeed and to win BIG!  My preference is a stream of income over a paycheck and to build something.  Let me build your lead generating website using SEO, social and other marketing techniques.  You pay based on results through sales or leads forever till death do us part.  (LOL)

Keyword Stats Show Consumers Searching For The Wrong Resort Name!

Are consumers mistaking Sandos Resorts for Sandals Resorts?

Have a look at these VIDEOS:

Search tools like SpyFu, SEOBook and Ubersuggest show data that can turn into direct bookings!

So what did you think about that video?  Do you see how a strategist can find little niches that can turn into revenue?  There is over 2000 searches every month of the year just sitting there waiting for someone to find it.  So how does someone go about catching some of this traffic?

How To Catch This Traffic

So obviously to catch this traffic you would have to be Sandos Resorts or a Sandos Vendor.  Since I have a side business that markets the Sandos Resorts Vacation Promotion this is perfect traffic for me to add to my site.  So I built this page to target consumers searching for Sandals in Mexico.

So in order for me or Sandos to get this traffic there would have to be some form of detailed content that Google would want to share.  So I created a video, pictures and written word.  I then build some basic links from the videos to the site.  I also use a service that drips these articles across dozens of social networks.  

Collecting Data, reworking content and waiting for results.

Now that the base landing page, pics and videos are done lets add to it here on this page.  To add more links and credible content I will just create several more videos and over the next few weeks and I will report back as to the results I get.  

The video above is actually a play list of videos and will be updated occasionally as I work towards getting results.  More to come…

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Thomas Bowman Jr

Thomas Bowman Jr

I can double, triple or quadruple the traffic to any webpage by studying it's content, links and competitors. That is a very true statement. I have been working with WordPress and Search Console for almost 10 years. I personally have over 200 webpages that I am building Google Rank to. I listen to and follow the top marketers in the world like Neil Patel. I should be your guy!