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Make Passive Income Using Your Extra Data

Looking for ways to create streams of income?

In this article I will share my personal ideas for creating passive income through what some call side hustles.  I am an entrepreneur at heart and small streams of income can turn into small businesses.  Have a look at these money making opportunities and join my team through these affiliate links.  Let’s build passive income together in 2022!

Sell Your Cellular & Home Internet data:

There are several growing opportunities for those that aren’t restricted by internet plans that have data limits.  If that’s you, consider that you can share a tiny amount of data and get paid for it!  Here is my list of data sharing services that will pay you.

PacketStream is the first of its kind peer-to-peer proxy network. Packeters are compensated for sharing bandwidth on the PacketStream network and allowing users all over the world have access to content on the internet through our secure network. Customers can purchase bandwidth and browse the web from residential IPs to protect their browsing privacy.  Opportunity available world wide!

Honeygain is the first-ever app that helps its users make money online by sharing their internet connection. People can now reach their unused data plans full potential and not leave any unused data behind! By running Honeygain you essentially employ your internet connection to make money for yourself.  The Honeygain app doesn’t have any borders! It works all around the world! 


IP Royal is another passive income app that you put on a computer or cell phone and share your extra data.  Only 1 device is allowed per IP address.  So you can have a home computer and a cell phone connected and make more.  There website claims you can earn from $5 to $140 per month!  They pay through PayPal and Bitcoin.  

PeerToProfit is another data sharing app that pays you for your extra internet.  The website claims you can make from $2 to $1000, but it’s probally closer to $2.  The service has a lot of great reviews and then some poor ones.  The poor reviews look like people that could not get the app to work or they just didn’t make enough money.  Many looked like they quite before they really gave it a week.


Sell Your Location data!

Your being tracked and companies like Facebook get rich off your location data.  It’s how they optimize the ads you see across the internet.  There is a new company that will pay you for this data information.  It’s called Tapestri and it runs in the background of your cell phone.  It share generically the places you visit so that marketers can see peoples general habits.  This location data makes millions for companies that pay you zero.  Start using Tapestri and start getting paid for what others are just taking from you.

A fast growing American company called Tapestri could make for a tiny stream of income.  The best part is it takes about an hour to fully set up and can generate #000000;">up to $25 a month per cell!

Tapestri is only in a few countries but will soon be in yours.  You can join early and get in on the ground floor.  Tapestri is currently building in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  

Join An Affiliate Network:

There are a bunch of affiliate networks and affiliate marketing based products and services to promote.  Here are a few of my favorites!

I have been using Shareasale for years and they seem to have a lot of companies and a lot of items.  They also have a fairly good website with proper search features.  Finding new products and services isn’t hard at all.  Shareasale is constantly improving and adding new opportunities.


Amazon has an affiliate program and I am just getting started with it.  If you have pages on a website that get traffic, Amazon may be able to help you monetize it.  Amazon has millions of products and now when I search there is an affiliate bar at the top of Amazon so I can share links!

Invest In Cryptocurrency:

There are several up coming cryptocurrencies that you might want to get involved in.  Few predicted the rise of Bitcoin but those that did are sitting pretty.  I heard and had my chance with Bitcoin years ago. 

In today’s value it’s worthless.  PI is a newer cryptocurrency that many have their eyes on.  Are you mining PI?  You can use your cell phone and laptop to mine and gain PI coins.  If I would have mined just 1000 coins back then it would be worth 200K today.  Strat mining your PI today and maybe ten years from now your thanking me for the hookup!

Coinbase lets you buy, sell and research cryptocurrencies.  I have really started to like this service and have amassed a huge $100 in crypto.  It’s just fun to dream and see what is going up and down in the crypto market.

There are a bunch of companies that allow you to work from home and complete surveys.  One that has great reviews and has already paid out millions is Swagbucks.  Share your opinions and get free gift cards! Earn SB points when you answer fun surveys and polls.  Watch entertaining videos and get free gift cards! Earn SB points for watching playlists that we’ve put together just for you!

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