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Tapestri: Get Paid For Your Cookie Data

tapestri affiliate program possible fraud and very poor earnings
Play Video about tapestri affiliate program possible fraud and very poor earnings

Tapestri (Tapestry) App Review & Complaint:

Get paid $0.02 to maybe $3 for your extra data.  Don’t believe the affiliate HYPE!  Tapestri is scamming affiliates worldwide!

Have you actually made any money with Tapestri? I have been a business affiliate since the start and after 6 months I have made a total of $6 dollars!  

I have had the app on and I most days I get daily emails and text messages all for a whopping .02 to .05 cents a day. I am sure this costs me more in electricity and really only serves the founders and bullshit affiliates at the top. 

I read each person is worth over $30 in data a month in an article by the company itself.  That’s why I got involved!  I also feel they claimed $5 to $25 a month and have failed to even get close to $1 for the data side of this.  
What are your real results?  
Tell me your results in the comments below.
Below is an article I wrote in good faith for the Tapestri Group.  I sincerely feel mislead by this company and fully expect there will be some form of a class action lawsuit in the future.  I also invested hundreds in a web URL, posters, ads and about 30 hours of my professional time.  At this point I should have made no less than $30 which was the low end of the Tapstri claims.

Special Comment Section: What are your Tapestri REAL results?

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Here’s How: Create a passive (Charge FREE) stream of income by sharing your cellular data, data your already sharing through other apps! 
This Tapestri App will pay you for your cell data (GPS Data) and any referrals you send from others people do the same.  If you choose, you can even build a business with this for $9.95 a month.  That fee will never be covered in the $5$0.02 to a yet to be honestly determined high dollar amount for your monthly extra personal data. It has yet to exceed $0.20 cents on any day yet.
The app works silently in the background and does not display any ads.  It just collects basic location data and never anything personal.  However, they did lie about what we would make every month and I do receive text messages daily now promoting the survey side of the company.

How To Make money With The Tapestri (Tapestry) App

Tapestri App Review

Have you heard about the Tapestri IO App?  You can start making money in as little as 30 days by allowing this app to legally collect your cell phone data. 

It’s a similar idea to the Gener8 browser extension now available on Chrome and Firefox.  The Gener8 browser extension allows you to block (go private) or enter a rewards mode. 

The ads served to you in rewards mode allow you to gain credits that can be spent toward gifts like exclusive offers, gaming products, gift cards and more.  The downside is it’s NOT CASH!

The Tapestri App does pay you cash and has a business model behind it that pays you to refer the app!  Each month Tapestri will send you a payment that should range between $5 $0.02 and a yet to be honestly determined.  This depends on where you are in the world and how valuable your country’s data is worth.  In the USA Tapestri and its affiliates all claimed our data was worth up to $25 dollars a month and $300 a year!

Tapestri is a new idea to legally (with your permission) collect and harvest your location data.   Other apps on your cell phone are already doing this but they don’t share the loot with you.  

Tapestri claimed that we could turn our cell phones into a small stream of income that could net us up to $300 per person per year or up to $600 per couple per year.  They claimed it was as simple as downloading, activating and letting this app run in the background. 

You can make passive income and get paid every month the Tapestri App is active but it’s really only pennies!

Note The Problem:  For years we have been giving away our personal data via cookies through free apps that we install on our cell phones, tablets and computers.  

The average free app contains about 6 third party tracking codes and companies like Facebook report making millions from the data they collect for free.  

In fact, Facebook (just one of many) relies heavily on those cookies to advertise customized Facebook ads just for YOU!  

Apple (iPhone, iPad) announced a service called Privacy Row, read about it here on the BBC.  CHANGE IS COMING! 

Tapestri has created a way for you to get paid and opt into allowing the collection of this data.  With all the privacy related stuff now being decided in countries around the world, this is a super smart idea Tapestri has come up with.  

Let’s help Tapestri build this and start rewarding ourselves for the ads we have to see.

Learn How tapestri Works & What Information They Collect:

There are two ways to make money with Tapestri.  You have a free referral program (Start Earning For Free) and you have a network marketing small business model where you can earn even more (Join My Tapestri Group Here).  Have a look at this video for more details.  

Tapestri only collects anonymous device data, the app shows you exactly what is collected and pays you cash for that data.

What Data Does Tapestri Collect?  The Tapestri app only collects device ID events based on your location.  It then pays you for that information. As you carry your phone with you it is constantly creating location events and every event has value in the market.

What Doesn’t Tapestri App Collect?  Tapestri does not collect personally identifiable information, as in any data that could be used to identify any particular person. Tapestri does not collect your contacts, photos, text messages, marital status, purchases etc. 

Who are the starters of the Tapestri company & Program?

Walter Harrison is the founder of Tapestri and the direct contacts for the Tapestri Affiliate Program are Chuck Williams and Dani Walker. 

Two Ways To Make Money With The Tapestri Affiliate Compensation Plan:

Share It Free:  Download the app (through your sponsor’s affiliate link) and then consent to allow Tapestri to use your location & info data.  Your phone needs to be set to allow your location data to always allow the app to share that data.  You will earn an estimated $0.02 to maybe a few dollars a month for doing this and could earn even more by sharing the app with friends, family, strangers and neighbors.  

Your earnings are determined by the actual value of the data collected.  Remember, you get paid for referring your friends too!  There is a feature in the app where you can share the app with everyone or anyone via a link.  For ever share of the app you will earn $1 extra per month as long as that user remains active with the app set to allow location data.  There are no minimum or maximum regarding the number of apps you can give away with your personalized affiliate link.

Start Your Own Business:  For just $9.95 a month you can start a networking business and earn even more loot!  You can go the free route and download the app, activate it and start sharing.  You will earn money on your data and one dollar on every personally signed up associate.  However, consider your leaving good money on the table! 

You can get paid more by joining as an affiliate promotor and run your own network marketing like business.

A Tapestri affiliate must agree to programs terms and conditions, pay a $9.95 monthly subscription fee, agree to the “Terms and Conditions” and complete their profile in the Tapestri Affiliate program back office in order to become an active affiliate of Tapestri.  As a Tapestri affiliate you will receive $1 per user per month on your second level in addition to the $1 per user on your first level.  Note: Users must be active to generate the income for the affiliate.

What’s A Super Affiliate?  There are special benefits and rewards for those that earn a super affiliate status.  A super affiliate is an affiliate that has at least ten active affiliates on their first level at the end of a given month.  These active affiliates do not have to be new affiliates, you just need a total of ten personally enrolled business affiliates to become a super affiliate. 

Super Affiliates share in the rotation of orphan app users.  An orphan app user is one that comes to Tapestri without a connection to an existing user.  An example would be users that find the app generally on the app store via Apple or Google Play.

All qualified super affiliates every month are rewarded with  these orphan based signups equally with all other Super Affiliates.  Super Affiliates also earn a 50% matching bonus on all affiliates and super affiliates in their levels one and two.  The matching bonus does not apply to another Super Affiliates matching bonus.

How To Get Started With tapestri:

Use the links above to sign up and when you download the app you will use the same email you used to sign up.

If you use an iPhone then you would go to the iPhone store also called the Apple Store and search for “Tapestri IO”.  

If you are using Android you go to the Android App Store and do the same.  From there you need to set the app which is fairly easy.

looking For The Best Tapestri App Videos?

Tapestri App disclaimer:

Income Disclaimer: Tapestri does not guarantee any level of earnings.  Earnings are based on successfully giving away the Tapestri App and/or building a team of affiliates that do the same.  You are rewarded on what you produce and on active users in your downline.

Ready to get started?
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