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Varla Scooter Honest Review & Fraud Alert

I Bought The Varla Eagle One Pro & It Sucks!

UPDATE (12/4/22):  I finally got my refund after almost 4 months of filing complaints against Varla Scooters!

This company is selling defective products and pretending to be an American company!  I was contacted this week by an attorney who is seeking the real corporate name of this company.  

I was told that Varla Scooters have hurt several people who wish to sue this company for defects.  Any info you can provide would be helpful.  

Immediately return this product and get something that won’t kill-injure you, your family, or friends.  When this scooter’s motors seize up or the brake fails you could be seriously injured. 

If you have already suffered loss fille with the BBB. Follow along here:…/

UPDATE 11/5/2022:  Over 100 days has passed since I first complained about this Varla Scooter.  I have been forced to file complaints and build this webpage or suffer a $2000 loss.  Varla has not stood behind their product and I finally got them to send me a box to return this defective crap.  I will report what happens next and any charges that I have suffered.  I now have over 50 hours trying to get Varla to be fair.

UPDATE (10/2/22):  I got the BBB involved and after going back and forth for weeks I was told they would send a box and allow an exchange.  After another week, still no box and now they say the only option is to buy another or deposit another $1000.  They are so crooked and just wasting a ton of my time.  I now have about 800 miles on the bike and the battery won’t do the 17 mile loop on flat ground.  I will post an update video below in a few days.  I will try a chargeback through PayPal and report what that effort did.

UPDATE (9/16/22):  I have now filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and alerted this company as to my intent to take them to small claims court.  I suggest you stop playing nice with these dirt bags and if you can’t get a refund file in court.  They have committed fraud as noted below.  At 600 miles this scooter is failing both with the computer, battery and motors.  I am not the only one that has been done wrong, BUYER BEWARE!  Filing with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, you should too.

Did you purchase a Varla Electric Scooter and discover it doesn’t even do 50% of what they claim?  That is exactly what I discovered and so I complained.  Very quickly I discovered that the claimed 5 star reviews that they have are totally dishonest.  This company has BBB complaints and they are a new company or under a new name.  Worse, they have shut down their Facebook Review section which is a serious sign you should not buy this rebranded product (Zero 10X) by XPRANA PERFORMANCE INC.

Other Customers Are Having Issues Too:

Have A Look At The Varla Scooter Fake Claims:

Varla Scooters clearly state that their newest electric scooter will do 45 miles on a single charge.  It does not say up to or might if you are just traveling down hill, do 45 miles per charge.  This is clearly false advertising and fraud!  See for yourself in the image here.  They claim it can do this with a 330 lb. load and that it will do 45+ miles per hour.  This is totally false in my experience.

Have You Actually Read The Varla Warranty (seen below)?

Here is a snip of that warranty with a few comments added to the important things that make this warranty total crap.  Note that the battery in this scooter is of poor quality and mine is failing at 400 miles.  

After reading the BBB complaints I just do not trust Varla!  Have a look for yourself and see all the ways you will not get any of your new scooter covered.  The lower terms completely cancel out any of the claims that are closer to the top.  

Worse, you have to pay for ALL LABOR & SHIPPING charges.  That makes this the shittiest warranty I have every seen.  Do you see what I mean? 

 You will pay for every little thing that goes wrong with this scooter.  You may want to just run away as fast as you can from this electric scooter company.

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Here Are A Few More Videos About This Varla Complaint:

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