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WeatherFlow – How they can triple traffic in the next 7 days!

Are Website Issues Costing You Profit?

This video is worth a watch regardless of your niche.  If you have never seen how a search engine strategist looks at a website, then this should be enlightening.

Worse, I just looked at a few stats that anyone has access too.  As a business owner or company you have access to more accurate stats like Search Console. 

Image if you did this kind of research for all your competitors!  You would know each companies weaknesses and strengths.  

Plus we are just talking about Google Search here.  You can  play this same game on YouTube and every other social network.

Site Overview:

WeatherFlow sells one of the best home weather systems (stations) a family can buy.  These small, solar powered units are weatherproof and tell you wind, temp and more 24 hours a day.  They also market apps to surfers, kite boarders and other extreme sports fanatics. 


In this video, I show how I am able to easily double or triple this companies traffic (WeatherFlow).

I did this with less than two hours knowledge of an entire industry. That’s right, I didn’t even know you could have your own weather meter/station at home!

Currently the company is buying the first search result for their #1 keyword phrase (home weather systems).  They are ranking on page two and sometimes page three generically in search.

Worse they have some serious issues with page speed even though they are using a CDN!  they have not optimized the header images and several other things site wide.

The Cost Of These Issues:

*They are losing traffic that they are buying (cost per click is almost $1).  Primary cause is a slow loading page (addressed next).  Ad does direct to the right page.

*A slow web speed, especially on mobile will affect a landing pages overall conversions and produce a high consumer bounce rate.  If load time is 11 seconds then on a mobile connection it has to be much worse (up to 20 seconds).  I would advise immediately looking into the sites page speed and I would correct the issues with the large images (headers).  Perhaps a WebP format would help and can be severed through the CDN already set up.

*I am fairly certain that the 284 clicks you see (to the right page) all come from the ads the company is running.  So the ad is delivering its traffic to the sales page that the company does want traffic too.

*The page that gets the 2,500 clicks is the old page with an old product.  That page, even though it is on page two (sometimes 3) still gets big traffic.  There is a list of this here that can get this traffic to the right sales page.  They could just redirect it.  They could optimize it and update it for the newer product.  They could then dump the new page all together.  If they were using Search Console, they could just tell Google its messed up.


There just are so many ways for me to double this companies money that I just don’t know where to start.  I wonder if their other products and services have similar issues.  Hiring a web strategist is key to making sure your not throwing away cash.

*Fixing these issues will bring huge money to the owners! 

*Someone should check bounce rate for every page site wide.

*Highly optimized all your money landing pages.

*Fix the old page that is ranking on Google.

Bonus: How Can They Retake The Home Weather Station Market?

Have a look at this bonus content.  They are the manufacturer and should be on the first page of Google.  Heck no one knows more about their own product then them.  

Let’s have a look at how they could do some keyword phrase content marketing.  They could target keyword phrases or even questions that consumers are asking!  

Remember that this data is data on how the existing markets online traffic is being distributed.

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