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My Daytona Beach Web Development Services Include:

Keyword Research:

Every search query (internet search) is a consumers request for information.  Keyword research tells us what consumers are searching for and the keywords they are using.  Your customers may be searching for “home weather systems” and your website text content says “home weather device” or “home weather station”.   Just adding all the possible target keywords to your sales page can easily triple the lead generation of that page (total click through).  Check out my article on professional keyword research.

SEO Services:

SEO is not for everyone!  In fact, only ten companies can at anytime occupy the generic search results on any Google Search results page.  Your first step should be to determine if you even have the chance of ranking on Google.  If your a new website you will have a lot of work to do before you get traffic that way.  Know that every website on the web has a trust and general score assigned to it by Google.  If your site is poorly developed you will have to build up those aspects of your site first.  Consult with me and I’ll steer you straight!

Google Analytics & Search Console:

A marketing expert can’t do it without analytics!  It’s simple, you cannot improve what you don’t measure.  Google Analytics is another key element that allows you to see how your website is performing and if there are any issues with that performance.  Without it you are blind and can be derailed with very little effort from a serious SEO expert like myself.  If your a Daytona Beach Shores, Daytona Beach or South Daytona business, set this up!  The second part of Google’s analytics is Search Console.  Search Console is what I consider the pulse of my business and as important as air is to the body.  If you haven’t set up and verified these are working, you should do that today!  It’s that important.  Search Console actually tells you where you are ranking in the Google Index for every keyword Google thinks your site is related to.  If you are not doing this there is really nothing SEO your site is about.  Tracking this data allows you to make adjustments to your content to maximize your page results.  Doing this for all your lead generating pages is key.  

Competitor & Market Research:

Let me be your local Daytona Beach market researcher and business consultant.  I have years of competitor researcher and reputation management.  I will get to know your competitors, see what they have tried and what’s working for them.  I’ll look at who is linking to them, where we can get the same links and I’ll do that for your top 10 or so competitors.  Collectively this data, the links gained and what I learn (competitive intelligence) will gain you an impressive market wide advantage.  I can also spy on your competitors ads and knowing what articles, ads and keywords a competitor is targeting allows you to compete on a different level.  Knowing what all of your competitors are doing is key to small daily wins turning into big wins.  Plus, I give excellent screencast cliff notes of my competitor research findings so they can be shared with your whole team!

Local Listings (Citations):

What is a map or business citation?  A business citation is like a phonebook listing only better.  Even if you have never listed yourself anywhere, you probally still got listed.  Consumers and directory services list you on things like Yelp, yellow pages and other web based services.  These (not professionally created) profiles are mostly incomplete and only partially accurate.  A citation service corrects those listings and keeps them up to date (monthly).  Consider there are 1000+ of these and you don’t want to do them manually.  Plus, a citation doesn’t just list your address and phone number but all your social addresses and more!  Citations are one of the things that Daytona Beach, South Daytona and Daytona Beach Shore businesses and every business should do, but doesn’t.  These days you can’t get away without local listings.  Why do this?  Citations will increase your overall page rank and your websites trust score.  Even if you are a tourism based company, you still need citations.  Let me manage your website growth and I’ll make sure this is correctly done.

Reputation Management:

As a marketing expert my skills would not be complete without reputation management skills.  Reputation management is all about the top 10 search results under searches related to your companies name and the words, complaint or review.  Consumers in many cases will search these keyword phrases to see if you have those dreaded one star reviews.  Part of your internet marketing plan should include reputation control. 

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook allows you to create pages, groups and ad campaigns.  Each of these can yield new customers to your Daytona Beach store or business.  Facebook ads can have re-targeting added to them and you can follow consumer that have visited your offers and re-target them with new offers or a discount coupon to get started.  Facebook at minimum should at least get a copy of every new article, video and image.  Facebook is it’s own power and separate from Google and Bing/Yahoo as a search engine.  Facebook owns Messenger and WhatsApp so there are lots of marketing and remarketing options here.  Why?  Facebook is used daily by 7 out of 10 Americans and used worldwide by millions more.

Website Speed Optimization:

A slow website in Daytona Beach or anywhere will lose the majority of its visitors.  If the drop off rate gets too high, Google (and other search engines) will remove that page from their index.  A webpage or overall website can be slow due to many reasons.  I believe in removing everything that can be removed.  I believe speed is that important and on every project this is a priority.  If your not using a CDN then let that be a great place to start.  Just increasing a few seconds on a webpage can help retain those customers that are dropping off.  Wouldn’t that bring more cash now?  Have a look at my article called, “Page Speed Matters“.

Google AdWords Services:

Google controls most of the web and owns YouTube.  If you aren’t doing SEO, then you’ll have to do paid ads.  Google AdWords is your best bet for generating leads fast.  With Google AdWords you can target any keyword phrase on a per click charge.  Also, I have SpyFu and other web tools that let me spy on your competitors.  Have a look at what the top competitor is doing on AdWords including ads and keywords!  I offer personalized Daytona Beach, Daytona beach Shores and South Daytona PPC (pay per click) setup, research, optimization and managementB

Schema & Rich Snippets:

Looking to add Schema or Rich Result snippets to your website?  I use an experts plugin for this and sit can boost your in the SERP’s!  Need schema setup in Daytona Beach?  schema can also help you stand out in the search results.  Things like star or review ratings are snippets and set in the backend of your website.  It’s easy with WordPress, they have a professionally updated plugin that does many aspects of schema.  Is your Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores or South Daytona using snippets?

Heat Map Analytics:

Don’t know what a heat map is?  Check out my article, “Spy On Your Visitors“.  Heat maps are a market research consultants best friend.  Heat maps allow you to see what is happening with your website after traffic/visitors arrive.  That’s right!  You can actually see what a visitor does and record their cursor as they scroll through your page and or pages.  Analytics allow you to see how a visitor got to your website but once they are on your site, you go blind.  A heat map can show you every action a consumer takes including how much of your content they are consuming.  Simple code inserted in your website script will record your visitors real time.  Watch as the potential customer scrolls and clicks through your site right to the moment they leave.  By recording a few hundred visitors you can see common problems that may be causing fall off or even a serious problem.  A heatmap can be a life saver.  I was checking a site because of a high bounce rate issue.   The site was mobile optimized but did not have a clickable phone number.  This simple error was costing the business over 47% of their traffic.  A simple fix and instantly, the day of, business doubled!  

Pinterest Marketing:

Another great social media marketing platform for any Daytona Beach area business is Pinterest.  Pinterest is one of the top search engines for images and a great way to build links, find new customers and even have a paid ad campaign.  Pinterest can drive cheap clicks under semi targeted traffic and clicks can be as cheap as 30 cents.  Some of the most creative marketing ends up on Pinterest.  Have a look at my video and article called “Pinterest Is A Gold Mine“.  Don’t think you have to have pictures to use Pinterest.  You can create picture boards of highly related things to your business or service.  A handyman can save images of door locks, shutters or faucets.  This content can be embedded and used onsite to engage a client and even upsell them.  Your Daytona Beach business needs Pinterest.

Smart Link Building:

Link building is a critical thing that must be done or you just won’t rank on any search engine.  There are many ways to do this and you need to follow the rules or you could get punished.  Having a plan for link building will over time cause you to take a niche and get the majority of traffic related to a given search query.  Links need to be built for every page and the website as a whole (home page, citations).  The easiest way to get links is to copy your competitors links.  Pulling every competitors link or website report will show you what they have done and what you can mimic to equal them.  By doing this to every competitor in your niche, you gain a lot of highly relevant links.  This takes a lot of time but long term affect the entire site.  The higher a sites trust and web authority gets, the easier it is to rank for new articles/topics.

Digital Media & Advertising:

Digital media or digital advertising refers to many different forms of online marketing.  Digital media can refer to videos, images or even a podcast.  Digital advertising can include many forms of paid marketing like social network ads and of course, Google AdWords.   Your Local Daytona Beach Shores, Daytona Beach or South Daytona companies advertising strategy depends completely on the type of service or product you offer.  A local plumber will have a strategy different than a company that sells across several states, the entire country or the world.  Creating digital marketing backed by market research can be a game changer and save you years of time.  Let’s chat about your digital Daytona Beach area marketing needs and make a plan for 2021!

YouTube Marketing:

YouTube is a social media marketing platform that is a must!  YouTube can be a fast way to outrank your competitors.  If you are a local contractor it is critical for you to not just have a presence on YouTube but to be a leader in your area and niche.  If your a painter you should take daily videos of the before and after of all your work.  If your not able to make your own videos then consider sharing videos related to your service or business.  An example would be collecting Sherwin and Williams Paint videos.  I would do this in your own playlist collections so you can order them and semi control how they play.  I’d embed a dozen or so pages worth of painting related content like exterior, interior, wall paper, door painting and more.  This builds up a YouTube Channel which can be linked to in the header and footer of your site.  These video playlists also engage consumers and keeps them on your site longer.  Here is a sweet video on “How To Use YouTube For Lead Generation”.   Let me have a look at your Daytona Beach website and see what has been done and what has not.

Website Live Chat:

Live chat can increase conversions and works very well as long as you answer the chats.  There are new Messenger based apps that connect your visitor directly to a cell phone via Messenger just like text messaging.  You can even automate this with preset questions and answers that instantly engage the customer.  It’s called a bot and a bot can answer many basic questions, instantly.  It is sometimes difficult to offer instant chat on a website.  Response time has to be quick or the person won’t just end the chat, they end their visit.  Consider using a chatbot to engage and answer common questions.  I don’t offer chat monitoring just chat or Messenger setup.

WordPress Website Design:

Looking for a website builder, designer and/or developer?  I build with WordPress and more than 50% of the websites in the world are built on this customizable platform.  Need a local Daytona Beach, South Daytona or Daytona Beach Shores website designer?  I set you up for success!  There is just no need for hand building a website, rather focus that money on lead generation.  Let WordPress update itself and let your web strategist focus on growth & more revenue.  Web development is a planned thing and a strategy.  Let me build your local Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores or South Daytona website and web presence in 2021!

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Thomas Bowman Jr

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