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How To Do Market Or Niche Research

Competitor Research Can Create Opportunity!

Have you ever had a web strategist look at your business, the market you serve, and your competitors?  That kind of research is one of the most profitable things a business can do.  Consider that all business growth comes from providing some sort of a product or service.  If you know what your market is demanding and how it is searched you can better target that audience.  Have a look at this video all about the photography market here is Daytona Beach Florida.

Have You considered All The Ways Your Competitors Are Feeding?

Market and competitor research

Some of the smartest moves a business can make is an investment in a market, niche, or competitor research.  Consider that there are a limited number of places with a limited number of Google Search positions available that you or a competitor can feed on.  

When it comes to search marketing that list includes all the potential places a company can buy or rank for generically for any specific search.   Those spots on any Google Search Page include sections for Google AdWords, Google Maps, Google Map Ads, SEO and Schema Q&A.  

All of these areas produce opportunities for a company to develop a stream of income or lead generation.

What Did You Learn From The Video?

Do you see all the ways a local Daytona Beach photographer can get more business?  Let’s break it down…

  1. Google AdWords –  A company can develop a Google AdWords which can be turned on or off as needed.  Even if it is expensive this can boost your business and can be activated in minutes once developed.
  2. Google My Business – Every business should develop this for sure.  Step one is to max out your profile to 100% and then do a thing called NAP or business citations.  this is a critical step few companies do and it directly affects the level of trust and authority your site has.
  3. Google My Business Ads – This is a seperate ad platform from standaard Google AdWords.  If you are a demographic business and SEO is far off from producing results, consider this over Google AdWords.
  4. SEO – This is obviously the dream place to be, on the first page of Google.  However, A lot of times if you aren’t the number 1 to 3 search result, your not getting any traffic or business.  Sometimes SEO is the worst thing you can develop or invest in.
  5. SEO Content Marketing – There is a higher level of SEO that can really produce and targets long tail keyword phrases.  The idea is to target a niche within a niche.  Here is the video you see the possibility to target things like family, beach, wedding or even Disney photography.
  6. Schema Questions & Answers  –  I’m sure you have seen the drop down question and answer section you see on many searched these days.  This is one aspect of Schema which can be used to show Google your the go to company.  Schema is a specialty and when done even partially right can boost your overall business. 

What Are The Primary Searches In The Photography Market Here:

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