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Keyword Research: How Important Is It?

The entire internet is driven by keyword phrases!

There are services called keyword tools that track that data.

The most important thing to know about your service or product are the keyword phrases that drive the traffic to you.  There are really two types of keyword phrase searches.  There are browsing and buyer keyword phrases. 

If you are a local company selling just locally then you need to have demographic based keyword phrases.  Your website and everything you do on the web should be geared around this.

What Do You Mean Demographically Driven?

A good fact to know is that most local websites doesn’t have the address or areas they serve written anywhere on them!  That might sound shocking but it’s true.  They have an entire website that may only have there phone and address on the contact page.

You should have your address everywhere the customer is looking.  Have a map and don’t forget to say where you are in your videos.  For my home repair service my best buyer phrase is “Arvada handyman”.

The title of the home page should contain this phrase as should the content at least once!  If you don’t you will never rank for that phrase.  Please don’t be redundant though.  I like to put in the footer a statement like I serve Arvada, Westminster, Thornton…

I might also put the most common zip codes or even be neighborhood specific.  This will help in how Google Sees you in search.

SEO & SEM are Driven by Keyword Phrases!

SEO (search Engine optimization) & SEM (search engine marketing) are both targeted through keyword phrases.  Keyword phrases can be long too!  In fact that’s what they call them, long tail keyword phrases.

Don’t forget that there are a lot of related searches even for my handyman service.  People search for painting, plumbing, electrical, carpet trim and more!  They search for Arvada things related to the handyman category.

I can target high dollar niches withing a general industry specialty like Arvada handyman.  A high dollar area would be small bath remodels or door replacement.  These jobs can be bid rather than hourly!

How Many Keywords Do You Target?

That depends on the website and company.  For my handyman service I target over 25 keyword phrases!  The top ten drive the most business and I can see those stats through analytics.

The more business I need the more phrase I can target.  Remember, you can see the strength of any search by searching it.  Go ahead and see who the top ten are for any search.  Pull there link reports .  Pull yours and see what you can do to get yourself a position on Goggle!

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