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Retargeting & Remarketing: What Is It?

Remarketing is Google & YouTube’s brand of retargeting as an idea.

You should definitely be retargeting!

Are you missing an easy way to jump in front of customers that have already seen your website?

Retargeting is why see all those “this site has cookies” boxes.  Cookies leave a mark on every visitor for a bunch of reasons including retargeting, caching and analytics.

You can run ads for your service that display to people that have already seen a specific page of your site!  That means you can tackle the rule of seven.

The Rule Of Seven.

The rule of seven is a gorilla marketing technique that just says a person needs to see you 7 times before buying or hating your ads!  Retargeting allows you to target people that have seen any page of your site.  It requires code being added to each page and ads being created in the form of written word, pictures and/or video.

These ads are circulated as that person travels around the web.  You can target Facebook with your site.  A visitor see’s your handyman service and then later that night checks Facebook and see’s you again!  That’s retargeting!!!

What Is An Ad Network?

 An ad network is a grouping of sites that allow different formats of ads to many websites.  Instead of you going and making a deal with every website on the web.  You just buy ads in many cases banners that appear on these groupings of sites.

It is important to note that you want to make sure your you are buying the right ad spaces.  For a local business there are companies that are local.  That means you can target your customer local, national, by age range and by gender!

I Knew They Were Tracking Me!

Yep, the truth is out.  Everything you do on the web is able to follow you around.  These cookies don’t collect personal info just general info.  It is perfectly legal and that is why you have services like DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is a browser that blocks all cookies and keeps you hidden as you search the web.

You can also clear your browser or use a proxy service.  You could also pay for a higher more private internet service.  Keep in mind that your cell phone is using a second service and IP!

What Does All This Really Mean?

It means you can follow a specific type of customer around!  Let’s say you have a product like I do in travel.  I promote a timeshare deal to Cancun!  That offer is only good to US residents that are a certain age and make a certain amount of money annually.

Let’s say that I get 100 visitors today and they are shopping for a vacation.  I have a limited window to harass them into my deal!  Let’s say that 55 of those 100 visitors are within the conditions I need for a sale.  I can follow then for the next week and be everywhere they are. 

I could have a series of banner ads that offer specials or even coupon codes!  The stats are crazy on doing this!  The customer returns more than 30% of the time.  WOW!

Is Retargeting Expensive?

It can be.  The truth is it’s mostly pay per click or by 1000 impressions. You can really specialize in this one field and really target a specific market for success!

There are some down sides to all of this.  On many sites my ad blocker can block the ad completely.  I imagine others people have ad blockers too that defeat some of this advertising strategy.

What doesn’t work for an ad blocker is retargeting on social networks like Facebook.  Also good to note is that Google and YouTube are separate from Facebook which is separate from the many forms of ad networks you can sign up for. 

Each has it’s benefits and could also benefit the SEO of your site while they are running.

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