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All Websites Leave A Finger Print That Can Be Seen

I can See You, Can You See Me?

Every website leaves a figure print that can be seen by a strategist like me.  I can pull the link report on any website, friend or foe!  You can see every other website on the internet that is linking to that site! 

You can also see how powerful that link or sites page is to that site.  What it also shows is what keyword phrase they linked to you with.  This is what we call tier 1.

What Do You Mean Tier One?

Tier 1 links are websites and/or webpages that link to your site directly.  The more related these links and the over all site is to your specific pages content will determine the links effect.  The less related that link is the less it reflects on the site.

Pulling your websites report will reveal this data.  Pulling you’re competitors will reveal a bunch of links you should also have.  Pulling every competitor and getting similar links will boost you in the search results.  Pulling related large industry websites profiles can also give you ideas for link building opportunities.

In a local business in a low optimized niche like a handyman, this to be a big win!

Are There Any Other Tiers?

Yes!  It works like this.  You have a website.  Sites link to you on tier one.  On tier two it’s the sites that link to the site that links to you!  This continues forever till there are no more websites.

So if someone wanted to make a leg of one of these tiers STRONGER!  They would build links to that site even though it may be tier two or three or four.

WHAT???  Did you get that?  So I create a website and create a page targeting Arvada Handyman.  I then create a video that I host on YouTube.  YouTube is owned by Google.

I can build links to that video and move myself up on YouTube and Google Search for video results.  People use more than Google Search to find you, they use YouTube and social networks too.  You can build links to these profiles and that is tier two building.

Can’t This Be Abused?

Absolutely and that is why Google is screwed!  The internet is a created thing and if you can see this data you can manipulate a lot of things.  There is a company here in Colorado that created a system to destroy a competitor.  It was called poison the vine!

The idea was to do a poisonous form of link building and create a series of tier one links that would kill a sites ranking.

WHAT!!!  Can that be done?  They did it!  They linked tier one, tier two, tier three…  All with sites that had been hacked or that were porn related.  The site dropped from the search results.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

You need to monitor and know people like me.  I know that is shitty and costs money but it’s needed.  Now keep in mind that this company did this out of vengeance! 

The company had ripped someone off and told that person something nasty causing them to really be upset.  They set out to destroy this company and did it through SEO.

There are services on the web that monitor your site.  They send you reports each month telling you all the new links you have.  If the link report is showing a bunch of $#@% job related anchor texts.  You may have a small problem developing.

Unless you are a local porn star you don’t want to rank for local $#@% jobs.

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