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Timeshare Vacation Promotions: Let’s Talk About It!

Market Your Vacation Club The Way Other Products Are Sold!

Are you a consumer looking for vacation promotions?  Are you looking for high-end amenities that you can’t get through the retail all inclusive market?  Consider content marketing for your vacation club rather than a call center.  Almost all call centers are illegal operations that will someday be shut down.

Worse, many of these call centers sell open dated vacation promotions called vacation vouchers or vacation certificates.  These type of trips are rarely fulfilled and when they are the consumer rarely gets what they originally bought.

There is a better way to market your vacation club, timeshare promotion or minivac!

Consider content marketing to set your resort and it’s programs up for the future.  Call centers are right twice a day and they are not out here serving you or your club.  Many of these call centers just buy phone lists and have no other form of lead generation.  That means they are making ten of thousands of illegal phone calls and their doing it in your resorts name.  This can only lead to disaster!

Content marketing works and it's how all other products are sold:

Did you know that almost no resorts across the Caribbean, Mexico or Central America are actually marketing their vacation clubs in the main stream blogger markets?  This presents a huge opportunity for your resort chain right into the 22nd century.  If you would only start tom brag about you vacation club and program like you were proud of it.  Do you have a vacation club that is worth talking about?  Share it through content marketing.

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If you are a consumer, these promotions are for you and your family to discover the better amenities these resorts and hotels offer.  If your a resort, consider there are dozens of untouched markets that call centers cannot reach.  This present a huge opportunity for your chain of hotels.  Tell your story and what you have to offer American, Canadians and the world.  Untapped markets, what more can I say!

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