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Hotel, Resort or Hospitality based business?

There are three ways that you can increase direct booking to your resort and hotel.  Starting a program to better and build in these areas will drastically change your results.

1) Take your web power back!  First, do an immediate link check on everything that you link to that you don’t want bookings from.  Do this first for your onsite links and second to all your personally controlled web properties like Facebook.  Did you know if you link to TripAdvisor, Hotels.com or any profile not in your direct control, you are giving them a big thumbs up signal to search directories.  Second, Check all of your YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram descriptions.  Make sure you have added valuable content (as much as possible, add keywords) to those descriptions and add relevant links.  Link to stuff that is big money for you in all video descriptions like vacation clubs, restaurants (if open to public), weddings, day pass info and even your personally controlled social networks.

2) Immediately build a page for your preferred vendors.  You should direct link and it should be dofollow.  You should also reach out to each of them and get them to link back to you.  You could just product a vendors badge and have them add a piece of code that leads to your vendor page.  Know that many resorts (more than 50) in the Caribbean have spoofed websites that show up in the search results.  There are companies like “Vacation Store Miami” that have up to 3000 websites targeting resorts throughout Central America.  If you link to your proper resources and vendors you can start down the long road of taking back your direct booking market and the first page of Google.

3)  Know that you have several different ways to increase your bookings.  I believe that the number one thing a resort or destination can do is blog and share your area.  Many resorts have hundreds of cool things they could take videos and pictures of.  Sharing this material with your vendors and even Facebook groups will pay long term benefits.   Did you know that every post on your site has a ranking value.  Google scans websites and add each page of content to their directory in a certain place.  You can have hundreds of pages of content about the fun and exciting things to do on site and locally.  This content is highly desired by Google and can help your visitor plan a better stay.  Plus if you offer tours and excursions, this is a great way to share these with your visitors and soon travelers.

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Here are a few services I offer:

Keyword Research:

The first step in any web advertising is knowing what you are targeting.  Regardless of your niche knowing what consumers are searching for and the competition for each one of those searches is the key to success.

Competitor Research:

Knowing your competitors is the second step and just as important as the first.  Why reinvent the wheel when a lot of the work is already done for you.  Knowing what they have that you don’t and what they are doing is a key to success.


SEO is a long road but worth it.  The amount of traffic that can drift into your site for free can change amplify your results and overall success.  Just ranking for one keyword phrase can be the difference between success and failure.

Content Marketing:

Content is king and it always will be.  The entire web is driven by content which simply answer a consumers search query.  Designing targeted content around your keywords is the smartest approach to long terms success!

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is another key element that allows you to see how your website is performing and if there are any issues with that performance.  Without it you are blind.  The second part of this is Search Console another form of analytics.

Local Listings:

These days you can’t get away without local listings.  If you offer a service in a specific demographic you need to have these listings.  Services like Google, Yelp and many others already rank on the first page of your desired searches.


I build with WordPress and more than 50% of the websites in the world are built on this platform.  Why reinvent the wheel when there are thousands of designers and specialists that have built and maintain important aspects needed for a successful website.

Heat Maps:

Heat maps allow you to see what is happening with your website after traffic arrives.  Analytics will allow you to see how they got there but once there you go blind.  A heat map can show you every action a consumer takes including how much of your content they are consuming.


There are many forms of advertising both online and off.  Advertising strategies depend completely on the type of service or product you offer.  A local plumber will have a strategy different than a company that sells across several states, the entire country or the world.. 

Reputation Management:

Reputation management is all about the top 10 search results under searches related to your companies name and the word complaint or review.  Consumers in many cases will search these keyword phrases to see if you have those dreaded one star ratings. 


Pinterest is one of the top search engines for images and a great way to build links, find new customers and even have a paid ad campaign.  Pinterest can drive cheap clicks under semi targeted traffic and clicks can be as cheap as 30 cents.


YouTube can be a fast way to outrank your competitors.  If you are a local contractor it is critical for you to not just have a presence on YouTube but to be a leader in your niche.  If your a painter you should take daily videos of the before and after of all your work.


Facebook allows you to create pages, groups and ad campaigns.  Each of these can yield new customers and help you get exposure.  Facebook ads can have re-targeting added to them and you can follow consumer that have visited your offers and re-target them with new offers or a discount coupon to get started.

Link Building:

Link building is a critical thing that must be done or you just won’t rank on any search engine.  There are many ways to do this and you need to follow the rules or you could get punished.  Having a plan for link building will over time cause you to take a niche and get the majarity of traffic related to a given search query.

Live Chat:

Live chat can increase conversions and works very well as long as you answer the chats.  There are new Messenger based apps that connect your visitor directly to a cell phone via Messenger just like text messaging.  You can even automate this with preset questions and answers that instantly engage the customer.

Looking for a marketing strategist to design a better more permanent lead generation tool? Ask your questions and tell your thoughts here.