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Tourism, Hospitality, & Hotel Marketing Strategy Specialist

Got A Hospitality Based Business That Needs A Web Strategist?

Has Your Resort & Hotel Chain Been Targeted By Vacation Store Miami?

Are you a resort chain that has fallen victim to the Vacation Store Miami websites?  Have a look at the video and see that it’s dozens of resort chains and up to 3 thousand websites!  

Don’t let this company take from your resorts direct bookings.  There are things you can do to suppress the two or three sites they are using to take over YOUR Google Search Results.

Follow along here:

HIRE ME to analyze & propose a plan of action to suppress the Vacation Store Miami websites!

Why Hire Me? What Are My Skills?

You’ve been sold SEO, now get an SEO audit and see what they actually did!

My Hospitality and Business Web Development Services Include:

Keyword Research:

Every search query (internet search) is a consumers request for information.  Keyword research tells us what consumers are searching for and the keywords they are using.  Your customers may be searching for “home weather systems” and your website text content says “home weather device” or “home weather station”.   Just adding all the possible target keywords to your sales page can easily triple the lead generation of that page (total click through).  Check out my article on professional keyword research.

SEO Services:

SEO is not for everyone!  In fact, only ten companies can at anytime occupy the generic search results on any Google Search results page.  Your first step should be to determine if you even have the chance of ranking on Google.  If your a new website you will have a lot of work to do before you get traffic that way.  Know that every website on the web has a trust and general score assigned to it by Google.  If your site is poorly developed you will have to build up those aspects of your site first.  Consult with me and I’ll steer you straight!

Google Analytics & Search Console:

A marketing expert can’t do it without analytics!  It’s simple, you cannot improve what you don’t measure.  Google Analytics is another key element that allows you to see how your website is performing and if there are any issues with that performance.  

Competitor & Market Research:

Get to know your competitors, see what they have tried, and what’s working for them.  I’ll look at who is linking to them, where you can get the same links, and I’ll do that for your top 10 competitors.  Someone is getting fat in your niche, how did they do it?  Competitor Research

Local Listings (Citations):

A business citation is like an advanced phonebook listing.  Even if you have never listed yourself anywhere, you still got listed.  Consumers and web scrapers list you on things like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and other web-based directory services.  100+ Places To List Your Business

Smart Link Building:

Link building is a critical thing that must be done or you just won’t rank on any search engine.  There are many ways to do this and you need to follow the rules or you could get punished by Google.  Having a plan for link building will over time cause you to take a over your niche.

Heat Map Analytics:

Check out my article, “Spy On Your Visitors“.  Heat maps are a market research consultants best friend.  Heat maps allow you to see what a visitors does after they arrive.  You can record every event that is happening as a consumer scrolls and searches through your site.

YouTube Marketing:

YouTube is a social media marketing platform that is a must!  YouTube can be a fast way to outrank your competitors, tell your story, and display your products.  If you are a business this should be one of the first social networks you develop. Develop YouTube

Reputation Management:

As a marketing expert my skills would not be complete without reputation based skills.  Reputation management is all about the top first page of a search engine.  Consumers will search for your company and the words complaint or review.  Don’t lose sales because of complaints, you can build up web profiles so they support you.

Pinterest Marketing:

Pinterest is one of the top search engines for images and a great way to build links, find new customers and even have a paid ad campaign.  Pinterest can drive cheap clicks under semi targeted traffic and clicks can be as cheap as 30 cents.  Have a look at my video and article called “Pinterest Is A Gold Mine“.

Google AdWords Services:

Google controls most of the web and they owns YouTube.  Google AdWords is your best bet for generating leads fast.  In just an hour or so, a Google Ads Campaign can be launched.  Hire me to manage, rework or setup your Google Ads.  This web resource can be turned on and off as needed to stop feast and famine in your business!

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook allows you to create pages, groups and ad campaigns.  Each of these can yield new customers to your hotel, store or business.  Facebook ads allows re-targeting campaign which follow and present ads to people that have searched for or visited some web resource of yours.

Website Speed Optimization:

A slow website will lose the majority of its visitors.  Just a few seconds of delay on load can reduce your site traffic by 50% or more.  Worse, Google (and other search engines) will remove that page from their index if a competitor’s site is faster.  Page Speed Matters

Schema & Rich Snippets:

Looking to add Schema or Rich Result snippets to your website?  I use expert created plugins and this can boost your website to the top of Google Search.  Schema can also help you stand out in the search results.  Things like star ratings  and Google Questions are schema examples.

Get Started With A Free Consultation & See What The Other SEO Experts Have Actually Done For You!


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