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Learn How To Dominate Your Local Listings:

Dominate your local market online with SEO and content marketingI call it king of the mountain and it’s not for lazy business people.  King of the mountain refers to an idea where you are the likely choice for Google because you have researched and written about everything in your niche.  Using content marketing it is easy to take a piece of just about any small local market.

Consider that if you produced a hundred pages of well written targeted content, you would probally have more five times the content of any competitor.  Now I’m not saying that this content is foreign but rather highly related to your services and niche market.

If you are a handyman, people find your services by searching for the words handyman and a location.  They also search for your handyman services by searching more direct like “gate repair near me” or “small painting jobs South Daytona”.  

There are hundreds or possibilities here to create pages of content and the benefit is a consistent flow of leads plus market exposure.  It’s good to be King!  Isn’t it time to create a better digital marketing strategy?

Don't have ideas for 100 pages of content?

How to dominate your local market through content marketingDon’t worry!  It’s not as hard as you think.  Let’s talk about a few services related industries below and the types of content they could produce.  Know that most of your competitors have websites that are completely under-developed and their site is 5 pages.  Just imagine entrenching yourself as a leading expert in your field.

The best part is most of what you need is already out on the web.  You have sites like Pinterest and YouTube.  Each has millions of pieces of content that can be embedded and used to pitch your services.  Or, you could find videos you like and make your own version.  At minimum, you need to start taking before and after videos of all your work.  This will give you endless images and content to work with.

Can you really use this content?  Absolutely!  Heck Sherwin and Williams even has videos on how to paint a room and videos on color choosing help.  They want to promote their product and you are their installer.  You are still going to write some of your own content and you are linking to them by embedding their video.

The same applies to many construction and home services.  Business need to build online like they build in real life.  Your website is your business in the online world.  It needs to attract. entertain, inform and solicit your services as the solution.

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Handyman Services Online Web Marketing Ideas:

Handyman website marketing using content marketingSo what could a handyman do to take over their local home repair market?  Simple, create targeted content around everything the niche of “Handyman” covers.  You could create a home page that is like a directory page.  Then you would create 10, 25, 50 or more pages for things like mailbox repair, shutter installation, window repair, door repair, lock replacement, small jobs, gutter cleaning, door painting, high light bulb replacement, yard cleanups and more!

The ideas really are endless and I already have done this twice before (example 1, example 2).  These two sites have over 150 pages collectively.  Both site rank in the top of their handyman niches and each page has its own search analytics data.  That means I can track, remodel and over time increase its performance.  Also, some articles are winners and some are duds.  However, each piece of content makes you look bigger in the eyes of Google!

Electrical Services Online Web Marketing Ideas:

local electricians use content marketing to grow their businessesSo what kind of content could a local electrician create?  The ideas are just pouring through my mind!  Create picture boards of light fixtures, dimmers, timers, landscape lights, hot tubs (they need electric), Eco car hookups, appliance electrical and more.

You could collect videos from YouTube on electrical safety or make a few of your own targeted to your immediate area.  You could find video collections of lights and even break this down to different types of lights (inside, outside, landscape, under cabinet).

Creating pages of content this way not just produces clients but they window shop for stuff you install!

Plumbing & HVAC Services Online Web Marketing Ideas:

Plumbers use content marketing to increase business flow via online leadsFor plumbers and/or HVAC companies there are also a zillion marketing ideas.  A plumber could create marketing around all the things they service and install.  An HVAC company the same.  

Create picture boards on Pinterest for bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, toilets, heat pumps, HVAC systems, sprinkler systems, tubs, hot tubs, water heaters, shower heads and more.

Plumbers & HVAC companies also can use YouTube and collect videos from all their vendors like Moen, Rheem, Kohler, Goodman or American Standard.  You could also just go to your supply house and make videos right there.  The supplier will probally like this and heck if they link to your web page about their product, that’s a bonus for both of you!  

Plumber and heating/cooling companies should also like all contractors be taking videos before, during and after ever job.  This should be mandatory and can be used for insurance and marketing.  Also videos allow for endless images frame by frame.  Note, never put the customer address or name in the video.  Customers rarely care if you video your own work and in many cases they were the first people to watch the video I took!

Painting Services Online Web Marketing Ideas:

Painter use local content marketing to get business leadsRunning a local painting service or considering starting one?  Painting is one of those professions that has lots of content possibilities.  You have your suppliers and some huge ones.  Collect videos and seek out the paint manufacturers Pinterest. 

I just looked up Sherwin and Williams Paints on YouTube and they have a hundred plus videos!  They have videos of how to and color wheels.  I bet they have some sort of widget you can embed on your website so your client can look through official colors.  Plus, they have already made playlists of videos for you.  I personally would make my own YouTube channel or make one for you. 

I would the create your won playlists and title them with your targeted keywords.  This way you are building up your YouTube Channel with content.  Then I would again start taking video of everything you do and videos of stuff your vendors have.  Vendors could be Home Depot too or the local lawn shop that sells pressure washers.  Remember, the video or pics is one thing. 

If you know the business owner share links and this content together (linking back and forth).  Just 5 links from local websites could be lla that you’ll ever need for rank and site authority.

General Contractor Online Web Marketing Ideas:

general contractors use content marketing for lead generationIf your a general contractor you should be targeting all your big money items.  Additions, remodels and home rehabs all have dozens of things that can be written about.  

You could also write about the investment value of a home addition long term.  Also holding a general contractor license may afford you the opportunity to hire subs.  There are dozens of projects where other contractors are plenty capable of doing the work but they don’t have the license.  

You have the license and can pull what is needed and check the work.  You could also lead generate to enhance this.  Write about simple things a G.C. can do that a handyman cannot.  You could really create a flow of leads and a second stream of revenue off your primary.  Sub it!  Here is a great article with some tips and tricks on subcontracting.

Home Cleaning Services Web Marketing Ideas:

home cleaning service marketing ideasGot a home cleaning service?  You can create content on dozens of cleaning related services like stove cleaning, frig cleaning, tile cleaning, window cleaning, Eco products and more.  If you use a really nice vacuum, you could tell about it in a post and short video.

Remember, the idea is to beat your number one competitor and provide four times the content they have.  Why?  Link building only does so much and sites that I build can’t be beat that easily.  If you build a huge website and a huge Pinterest and a huge YouTube…  

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