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Smart website design, development & lead generation help for small business!

Proudly offering SEO and digital marketing services across the Volusia County Florida cities of Port Orange, South DaytonaDaytona BeachDaytona Beach ShoresWilbur By The SeaPonce InletNew Smyrna Beach, Holly Hill, Ormond Beach and Ormond By The Sea!

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Below are websites that I personally built, ranked and maintain.  

All are linked to Google Analytics and Search Console which shows the sites evolution and current position within the Google Directory.  This data alone makes my websites more valuable.  

Over the years I have built well over 100 websites in many niches including home security, floor restoration, timeshare, handyman and self improvement.  

I use WordPress and Elementor professionally and can design and optimize websites so they work & produce leads!  If you are looking for a entrepreneur and proven strategist, consider chatting with me!

My Personally Built & Google Ranked Websites:

Here are websites that I have personally built and maintain.  They are all on similar templates and use similar plugins.  They are all linked to google Analytics and Search Console.  Over the years I have built well over 100 websites in many niches including home security, floor restoration, timeshare, handyman and self improvement.  –  This is my main marketing website which I started to build up in January of 2020.  For the first 7 months of 2020 I targeted Cancun tourism and then shifted to the local Daytona beach area in August.  –  I a travel and tourism related website with over 300 pages and targets fun things to do in several demographics.  The site is linked to a YouTube and Pinterest that are huge.  Flip through thousands of videos by consumers and tourism advisors and plan a better more fun stay.  Site has lots of content on cancun, Cozumel, Los Cabos and Daytona Beach.  –  Site sells one of the top vacation promotions you can get.  There are lots of terms and conditions but you can get full access to an upscale all inclusive resort for super cheap.  Just become a prospect and subject yourself to a sales presentation.  Sandos Resorts has a great vacation club and wants to share it with you.  They will give you 5 nights all inclusive for two adults and two kids starting at $399 off peak!  You can travel over the holidays too.  –  A self improvement website that I started years ago.  The site shares some of the personal improvement materials that I have listened to over the years.  I wanted to give back and share information that helped change my life.

There have been more than two dozen other websites over the years (10+).  I also had two websites/companies that did home services while I built these other services up.  Those two handyman services helped me build professional skills like customer service and project estimation.  I love strategy and if you are looking for someone to help you succeed, consider hiring me.

My background:

In 2008 I found myself bankrupt and losing everything.  I owned a home repair service called Bowman Home services Inc out of Downingtown Pennsylvania.  Even though I worked hard I watched as my business failed and I needed a plan to rebuild.  

I had over 100 local and loyal customers and as they cut back I simply could not get work.  As the economy declined it got worse and worse.

I started to learn about websites and how to build one.  I wasn’t able to save that business, but I did start to learn about websites and lead generation.  Today I have evolved beyond websites into web strategies and specialize in content marketing.

There are many avenues to promote your website including social, print, paid ads and SEO.  Each of these is a study on their own and every website you have needs to graze over each area to be successful.

For years my handyman service was feast or famine!  I would do great at times, but any shift in climate or national economy produced a famine time where there was no work.  The best thing I ever learned was basic web marketing and SEO optimization of my companies services.

Today I own a travel service, a web service and a home repair service.  Each of these produces a small stream of income.

I have studied SEO and SEM seriously since 2009 and really have 10+ overall years of experience.  Although the past 5 years have really honed my skills!

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