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My story:

In 2008 I found myself bankrupt and losing everything.  Even though I worked hard I watched as my business failed and I needed a plan to rebuild.  My service was a handyman and home repair service out of my home town Valley Forge Pennsylvania.  I had over 100 local customers and still could not get work.  As the economy declined it got worse and worse.

I started to learn about websites and how to build one.  Today I have evolved beyond websites into strategies around the whole concept of web marketing.  Today I have stability and income generation.

There are many avenues to promote your website including social, print, paid ads and SEO.  Each of these is a study on their own and every website you have needs to graze over each area to be successful.

For years my handyman service was feast or famine!  I would do great at times, but any shift in climate or national economy produced a famine time where there was no work.  The best thing I ever learned was basic web marketing and SEO optimization of my companies services.

Today I own a travel service, a web service and a home repair service.  Each of these produces a small stream of income.  Soon I will sell or rent Small Jobs Denver as my other companies have grown to produce enough to walk away.

In less than 2 years I took the first page of Google for my prime keyword phrase and it’s sub phrases.  This allowed me to lock in a $60 hour rate in the local community.  I could actually get more but my focus for the home repair service is resources only.  I need resources to grow the travel service and this web services company.

I have studied SEO and SEM seriously for over 6 years and really have 10+ overall years of experience.  This experience is not from an agency but from real world struggle and the need to produce a result in order to eat.  My home repair service is over 100 pages and I have over 100 videos of work I have done in the area on YouTube.

The site has more local Arvada Colorado handyman information than any other website in the community.  I have made videos of the local Sherwin and Williams and the local landscaping yard.  Doing this makes me a resource in the eyes of Google even if I only get 3 views on a video.

Within this website I will add some basic information to begin your personal study of these computer arts.  They have changed my life in that being on the first page or at any time clicking a button for paid something can produce a lead and job (stability).

If you’re on the path of SEO, then you are headed down a street that is very long.  You need to learn to supplement along the way for faster stability.  The results long term are no down times in all weather, but it is very costly if you don’t do a lot of the SEO yourself.

How about we take a journey together!  Let me be your personal SEO and SEM strategist.  I am just about to go full time and my first customers will always be my favorites!

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