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Competitor Research: Create A Business Blue Print

In every internet niche, someone is getting fat!  Competitor research can be very insightful and lead to all sorts of added streams of income.  Consider that every keyword phrase related to your direct market triggers 10 possible winning SEO-based spots and a few paid spots.  Knowing who is feeding and getting the lion’s share will show you what they have done on their website and feeding page.  This is critical to all growth!  If you know that several competitors have done schema and they are feeding from it, then it’s advisable to do the same.  If the leader has articles that target a specific thing, then rewrite a better thing article with a video and some schema!  It’s all about web development, but first, you need to know what to develop.  In some niches, stuff like schema is way too advanced and not needed.  In other niches, it’s a way to get a true advantage!