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Without Search Console & Google Analytics Your Blind

Data & Feedback Is Critical for Business Success!

Here is a playlist of videos showing you how the data on Search Console can be used to find new business!  Search Console can give you the ideas and tell you exactly where you are right NOW!


 In the video I talk about boosting a local company in their primary market where they offer “Denver hot tub removal” services.  I also blogged about it here on Small Jobs Denver!

Are you operating a website blinder than a bat?  If you haven’t created a Search Console and Google Analytics account, you are!  Data, data, data…  You need it so you can see what is going on with your site.

Did you know that Google actually tells you exactly where you are which reveals where you aren’t!  Search Console actually tells you the exact keyword phrase, click through rate and what your position is for every ranking keyword phrase up to page 100! 

Knowing this allows you to modify the ranking page so that your position is increased.

In other words…  I might be search result number 32 for some keyword phrase.  If I add that exact phrase to any header tag in the currently ranking page I will over night jump up in the search results for that phrase.  I could then create a piece of content or create a link back in that phrase for an even bigger jump!

If you’re SEO guy doesn’t have this set up he’s full of shit!  You cannot optimize a website without knowing this data!  Keep reading and see why?

What Kind Of Data Do I Get From Search Console & Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is more like the settings behind everything.  There are functions that connect your online profiles and services like Google Adwords and YouTube.  It tells you time on site and some other things that I glance at every month or two. 

Search Console is my go to place for knowing what keyword phrases I rank for.  It tells me what the keyword phrase is, it position, display rate in the search results and click through rate.  This data help me create a plan of action to increase the results for that specific phrase.

How Time Consuming Is Reading This Data?

Extremely!  But it needs to be done and it should be something you (or someone) is looking at monthly and daily if your running paid campaigns.  For every problem found your different visitor click through rates will increase.  Seeing this data allows an analyst to see what’s going in Google Search almost real time!

Add A Heat Map To Record What Your Visitors Do!

A heat map can show us what the visitor does when they get to your site.  The software records visitor clicks, scrolling, time on page or even if they watched your video.  If they have an issue it shows you real time what is going on.  Combine heat maps with Search Console and Google Analytics as a base to starting to really optimize your sites position!

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