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How To Use Search Console To Increase Website Traffic

What Would Elvis Think About This SEO Thing?

Have a look at how Search console can help increase website traffic.  Here I have a search related to Elvis’s room in Las Vegas.  I am currently getting just a few visitors every month but if I build a single piece of content I could get a percentage of the 750+ monthly searches related to this niche.  So I created a page of content you can see here:

Let's Experiment & See What Results We Get!

This page and the page that targets Elvis’s room where created on 11/21/22.  That stats see in the video above were also from the same day.  Let’s see over the coming months how the traffic to this page under these searches changes.  

Note:  Under searches related to Hilton or International the site currently gets almost nothing (under 20 searches a month).  The two images show stats and the exact keyword phrases the site currently ranks for.  This doesn’t include the new page and the videos playlist.  That content was created today (11/21/22) and will start to affect the Google Search results over the next few weeks or months.  

Here are the stats of where we started under searches related to Elvis.

stats for elvis room las vegas start

Here are the stats of where we started under searches related to Westgate.

stats for westgate las vegas start