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Heatmaps: See What They Do After They Arrive

Do you have traffic and just don’t know what is happening?  Do you have some issue that is affecting customer interaction?  Let me install it and then review data from a heatmap.  A heatmap is a special piece of code that is installed generally on your website.  That code records in several formats how and what visitors interact with within your site during their visit.  Through regular analytics, you can see things like time on site but you can’t why a customer is bouncing every time from those stats alone.  What does a heatmap do?  It can record videos of every action a visitor (web traffic) takes during their visit(s).  It shows them hovering over and scrolling through your pages.  It shows what they click and can reveal issues the visitor is encountering like phone numbers or an image not being clickable.  This data is the obvious first choice in a conversion rate optimization plan.