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Compettitor Research Will Reveal Your Next Gain

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Harnessing Competitive Intelligence: 

A Strategic Approach to Boosting Your Online Presence

free seo audits for lead generationIn the digital world, understanding your competitors is not merely an advantage, but a necessity. Your competitors are not just businesses that sell similar products or services as you, but also those that rank higher on search results for your target keywords. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses can help you uncover new opportunities and improve your own digital strategy.

Competitor Research: An Overview

Competitor research involves analyzing and monitoring your competitors to gather critical information about their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. This could include their content, SEO strategies, link profiles, social media presence, and more. In doing so, you can identify areas where your website can improve and find new ways to capture market share.

Gaining Insights from Competitor Analytics

While you can’t access the Google Analytics or Search Console data of your competitors directly, several third-party tools can give you insights into their website performance. Tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Moz can provide data on your competitors’ organic search rankings, the keywords they rank for, their backlink profile, and more.

This information can be incredibly valuable. If a competitor is ranking highly for certain keywords, you can create competing pages optimized for those terms. If a competitor has a strong backlink profile, you can target the same or similar sites for your own link-building efforts.

Uncovering Backlink Opportunities

One of the most valuable aspects of competitor research involves analyzing their backlink profiles. Backlinks, or links from other websites to your own, are a critical factor in search engine rankings. If a website links to your competitor, it’s a potential source of a backlink for you as well.

Tools like Ahrefs and Moz can help you analyze your competitors’ backlinks, showing you which sites are linking to them, and what pages they’re linking to. By doing this for the top websites in your niche, you can uncover major opportunities for your own link-building efforts.

Creating and Implementing Your Plan

Once you’ve gathered this data, the next step is to use it to create and implement a strategic plan. This might involve creating new content to compete for valuable keywords, reaching out to websites for backlink opportunities, optimizing your site for better user experience, and more.

maarketing strategies for lead generationBy systematically working through these opportunities, you can improve your search engine visibility, increase traffic, and ultimately, generate more leads and sales. This process, while not immediate, can dramatically increase a company’s lead generation and overall value over time.


Competitor research isn’t about copying what your competitors are doing, but about understanding the landscape in which you’re competing. By leveraging tools to gain insights into your competitors’ strategies and performance, you can identify new opportunities and areas for improvement in your own digital strategy. In doing so, you can not only compete more effectively but also carve out your unique presence in the digital marketplace.

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Quintana Roo SEO & Business Marketing Services

We Offer Strategic Marketing For Quintana Roo Hotels:

Pioneering the Digital Landscape: 

Comprehensive SEO and Digital Marketing Services for Quintana Roo, Mexico

Google Adwords ManagementIn an age where digital dominance is key to business prosperity, crafting a strong online presence is paramount, especially for ventures in the dynamic sectors of hospitality and retail. If you’re steering a vacation club, hotel, resort chain, or retail business, your online visibility directly dictates your reach and overall profitability. This is the point where our proficient team, stationed in Daytona Beach, Florida, shines the brightest.

We excel in offering bespoke digital marketing solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our wide range of services encompasses the entire Quintana Roo area, including the management of Minivac (timeshare promotions), the marketing of all-inclusive resort vacation clubs, lead generation, and affordable website hosting services for small businesses. Our focus is to keep up with the pulse of the evolving market trends, where consumers are showing a growing preference towards membership-based weeks and amenities that offer experiences surpassing typical retail offerings.

Exceptional SEO Services

Our SEO services are designed to ensure your business achieves high rankings on search engines, thus becoming the preferred choice for potential customers. We have a notable track record of ranking generically for “fun things to do” across the Cancun region, further attesting to our SEO expertise.

Cutting-edge Website Development

Our team crafts professional, user-centric websites designed to drive conversions. Every website we develop is custom-made to mirror the unique identity of your vacation club, hotel, resort chain, or retail business, ensuring an exceptional user experience. Our web developers collaborate seamlessly with our SEO specialists to build visually engaging, SEO-optimized websites.

Rigorous Competitor Research

seo written in the sand for hotels and resortsTo outperform your competition, you must first understand them. Our team conducts comprehensive competitor research, equipping you with insights into their strategies, helping you gain a competitive edge, and enabling you to create a unique brand niche in the market.

Holistic Reputation Management

Your online reputation greatly impacts your brand’s trustworthiness. Our team assists in managing and enhancing your online reputation by promptly addressing negative reviews, promoting positive feedback, and safeguarding your brand’s digital image.

Engaging Content Marketing

Content holds tremendous potential in the digital world. Our team creates captivating, SEO-optimized content that not only draws the attention of your audience but also engages them and converts them into loyal customers. Be it blog posts, website copy, or newsletters; our content is designed to resonate with your target audience, prompting profitable actions.

Expert Google AdWords Campaigns

Our certified Google AdWords experts ensure your paid marketing campaigns yield the maximum ROI. They carry out exhaustive keyword research, optimize ad copy, and consistently monitor performance to guarantee your ads reach the right people at the right time.

maarketing strategies for lead generationInnovative Social Marketing

In the current digital era, social media is a potent platform for reaching a wide audience. Our team designs and implements strategic social marketing campaigns that boost brand awareness, enhance engagement, and drive conversions.

Our comprehensive digital marketing services aim to go above and beyond your expectations. Together, we can tap into the limitless potential of the digital world, transforming your vacation club, hotel, resort chain, or retail business into a leading digital brand in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Let’s engage in a discussion about marketing your business in the digital era. Let’s revolutionize your digital marketing.


In the rapidly evolving world of hospitality and retail, a forward-thinking digital marketing strategy is vital for staying ahead of the curve. Our comprehensive services pledge to catapult your brand to new heights, setting the stage for your business’s unparalleled success. The time is now to amplify your online presence, outshine your competitors, and take your business to the next level. Let’s embark on your digital transformation journey today. We’re poised to overhaul your digital marketing strategy, igniting growth for both your retail and membership sales. Join us in redefining success for businesses in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Quintana Roo Resorts:
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New Smyrna Beach SEO & Website Development

Elevate Your New Smyrna Beach Business with Expert Digital Marketing Services

we produce resultsDo you own a small local business in New Smyrna Beach’s service industry? It’s time to revamp your strategy and propel your business forward. In today’s digital era, having a substantial online presence isn’t an added perk—it’s an absolute necessity. Let’s delve into the compelling benefits of efficient website management, SEO, and targeted social media marketing, and see how these strategies can morph your local service business into a compelling lead-generation engine.

1. Website Management – Your Digital Storefront

Your website isn’t just a static digital identity—it’s an active, tireless ambassador of your business. However, not all websites pack the same punch. An effective lead-generating website goes beyond captivating design. It must be centered around your customer’s needs, optimized for conversions, and managed meticulously.

We excel in creating and managing websites that are purpose-built to generate leads. We ensure your site stays fresh, visually engaging, fully operational, and is loaded with impactful call-to-actions (CTAs) and landing pages designed to draw visitors and convert them into paying customers.

2. SEO – Paving the Path to Long-term Business Stability

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strategic art of optimizing your website to secure high rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) for specific, business-related keywords. Why is this important for your New Smyrna Beach service business? Simply put, top visibility on search engines like Google leads to increased traffic, and more traffic equates to a higher probability of lead generation.

SEO helps establish long-term business stability by continuously attracting organic traffic to your website. Although this approach might require some patience to bear fruit, once it starts to show results, you’ll reap the benefits of consistent, cost-effective lead generation.

3. Social Media & Content Marketing – Engaging with Your Community

Harness the potential of social networks to build deep connections with your local New Smyrna Beach community. Platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and others are powerful avenues to promote your business, shape your brand, and interact with your audience.

sem search engine marketingOur team is skilled at crafting appealing, relevant content uniquely tailored to each platform’s specific audience. We take a proactive stance on customer engagement, helping build relationships that translate into long-term brand loyalty and advocacy.

4. Google AdWords & Other Digital Ads – Extending Your Reach

Engage your potential customers at the opportune moment with laser-focused digital advertising. Platforms like Google AdWords let us highlight your service business to potential customers exactly when they’re searching for your services. Coupled with our precision-targeted social media ads on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, we can significantly enhance your online visibility, expedite lead generation, and boost your conversion rates.


Every local service business, including yours, holds the potential to flourish in the online landscape. The journey begins with a lead-focused website, a robust SEO strategy, active social media marketing, and smart digital advertising. Our customized digital marketing approach enables us to work with New Smyrna Beach businesses like yours to generate leads, foster growth, and secure long-term success.

Are you ready to elevate your business and experience the transformative power of expert digital marketing? Get in touch with us today. Let’s embark on a journey towards unmatched digital success together.

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Daytona Beach SEO & Website Development

Ignite Your Daytona Beach Business with Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

Running a small local business in the service industry in Daytona Beach? Time to shake things up and take your company to the next level. In the digital age, having an online presence is no longer optional – it’s essential. Today, we’re exploring the compelling benefits of website management, SEO, and targeted social media marketing to transform your local service business into a lead generating powerhouse.

1. Website Management – Your 24/7 Sales Machine

we produce resultsYour website is the digital storefront of your business – it never sleeps, it never takes a break. Every minute, it’s working to bring in potential customers. But not all websites are built the same. Building a lead-generating website goes beyond just having a beautiful design. It should be customer-focused, optimized for conversions, and managed effectively.

Our expertise lies in designing and managing websites specifically built to generate leads. We ensure your site is kept up-to-date, visually appealing, fully functional, and armed with effective call-to-actions (CTAs) and landing pages to capture and convert visitors into customers.

2. SEO – Build Long-term Business Security

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs) for specific keywords related to your business. Why is this important for your Daytona Beach service business? Well, high visibility on Google equals increased traffic, and increased traffic leads to higher lead generation.

SEO provides long-term business security by continuously attracting organic traffic to your website. It’s an investment that may take a bit of time to pay off, but once it does, you’ll enjoy consistent, cost-effective lead generation.

3. Social Media & Content Marketing – Connect with Your Local Community

Harness the power of social networks to connect with your local Daytona Beach community and beyond. Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and others are powerful tools to showcase your business, build your brand, and engage with your audience.

Our team crafts engaging, relevant content tailored to each platform’s unique audience, helping your business to stand out from the crowd. We take a proactive approach to customer engagement, helping to build relationships that translate into brand loyalty and advocacy.

Google Adwords Management4. Google AdWords & Other Digital Ads – Maximize Your Reach

Reach your ideal customers at the perfect time with targeted digital advertising. Platforms like Google AdWords allow us to put your service business in front of customers precisely when they’re searching for your services. Coupled with our precision-targeted social media ads on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, we can dramatically boost your online visibility, drive more leads, and skyrocket your conversions.


Every local service business, like yours, has the potential to win big in the online space. It all starts with a lead-generating website, a sound SEO strategy, engaging social media marketing, and effective digital advertising. Our tailored approach to digital marketing allows us to work with Daytona Beach businesses like yours to generate leads, drive growth, and secure long-term success.

Are you ready to ignite your business and experience the power of effective digital marketing? Reach out to us today. Let’s start winning together in the digital age.

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Ormond Beach SEO & Website Development

Ormond Beach website design and development

Looking for a better website development company?

Ormond Beach website development and SEOAre you an Ormond, Ormond Beach, or Ormond By The Sea local business?  Do you need results with your web development, website design, or strategic SEO (search engine optimization)?  Have you bought SEO services in the past and have no idea what they actually did for you?  Consider that you have been sold aspects of SEO and that it was done at best, poorly.

Let me look at your website, social media and your immediate market.  I can literally x-ray your website, pull your local market, research a few competitors and blow your mind with that intel!  I can also see what another so called SEO expert has or has not done.  I am so certain of my web marketing skills that I will guarantee results or I’ll hold back a payment or two!

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Give me 90 days to double or Triple your lead generation:

Are you a home services business looking for Ormond Beach Search Engine Optimization services?  Are you considering building a new website or adding to an existing one?  I offer specialized Ormond Beach marketing services using WordPress.  WordPress saves you big money over a hand developer.

Why WordPress?  Because paying for someone to reinvent the wheel is silly.  WordPress and several plugins do most of a websites work and are kept up to date by their creators.  I focus on internet rankings and targeting markets for lead generation.  Let the experts that created these content management systems code and keep all that backend stuff optimized.  

wed development results in 90 daysI also design or redesign websites for speed (and self sufficiency) using light weight themes and templates.  Everything is mobile friendly and again maintained by it’s creator.  This allows my focus to be on the content and how that content is doing in the search engines.  

More than 50% of all local internet searches are now coming from mobile devices!  In 2021, your Ormond Beach website must be https and mobile friendly or it just won’t show in the search results.  If you went through most of 2020 without HTTPS, you probally are already gone from the search results.  Don’t worry, it comes back so don’t lose that aged domain!

What will I do to build up your presence:

I will first check your website for proper optimization and all the needed today stuff like speed, mobile optimization and SSL (https).  I will check your social networks and or create them.  Just having a social network does nothing for you.  You have to use it by adding content and use it consistently.

I love content marketing and your Holly Hill or Ormond Beach business should be using Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.   At least pick two out of three.

Ormond Beach SEO and content marketingI find that building up Pinterest (example handyman on Pinterest) and YouTube are my favorites for overall presence and onsite content generation.  There is a wealth of highly related information on these sites that you could embed and use to create your own content (webpage).  The videos and images are carried over the way each social network wants and lends value to the contents creator.

If you have no content, consider using niche related content from social.  If you do have your own content, consider that you should still do the afore mentioned plus your own stuff.  Remember content is king and each page of content will rank independent of the site as a whole, which will also rank.  Your post or pages rank may be on page 100, but its a start.  

In a small demographic like Ormond Beach or even one that’s semi famous like Daytona beach, there are always easy content wins.  Don’t think about writing an award winning anything.  Consider that out of the 200 videos I have made I have a 10 views per video average.  However, Google sees that I have 200 videos and that makes me a local resource.  If you just did the same, you could be a resource too!    

Unleash Your Ormond Beach Business with Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Techniques

Are you operating a small local business in the service industry in Ormond Beach? Now is the perfect time to revitalize your operations and catapult your business to new heights. In our digital world, a robust online presence is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Today, we’re diving into the immense benefits of effective website management, SEO, and laser-focused social media marketing, and how these strategies can transform your local service business into a lead-generating titan.

1. Website Management – Your Digital Ambassador

Your website is the digital face of your business – it’s working round-the-clock, welcoming potential customers. However, not all websites carry the same impact. Constructing a lead-capturing website extends beyond attractive design. It needs to be customer-centric, conversion-optimized, and managed meticulously.

Our specialty is creating and managing websites that are designed to funnel leads. We ensure your site is contemporary, engaging, fully operational, and equipped with potent call-to-actions (CTAs) and landing pages that are primed to entice and convert visitors into customers.

2. SEO – Laying the Foundation for Long-term Business Success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that refines your website to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs) for select keywords connected to your business. Why is this critical for your Ormond Beach service business? Simply put, prominent visibility on search engines like Google leads to increased traffic, and more traffic equals a higher chance for lead generation.

SEO lays a foundation for long-term business success by consistently drawing organic traffic to your website. It’s an investment that may require some patience to bear fruit, but once it does, you’ll reap the benefits of steady, cost-effective lead generation.

3. Social Media & Content Marketing – Engage with Your Local Audience

Capitalize on the power of social media networks to connect with your local Ormond Beach audience and beyond. Channels like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and others offer the perfect stage to promote your business, establish your brand, and engage with your target market.

Our team curates compelling, timely content tailored to each platform’s distinct audience, making your business stand out. We proactively engage with your customers, building relationships that lead to strong brand loyalty and advocacy.

4. Google AdWords & Other Digital Ads – Expand Your Reach

Engage your ideal customers at the opportune moment with precision-targeted digital advertising. Platforms like Google AdWords enable us to showcase your service business to potential customers exactly when they’re searching for your services. When combined with our meticulously-targeted social media ads on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, we can dramatically boost your online visibility, accelerate lead generation, and supercharge your conversion rate.


Every local service business, including yours, holds the potential to achieve remarkable success in the online arena. It all starts with a lead-focused website, a robust SEO strategy, active social media marketing, and strategic digital advertising. Our custom approach to digital marketing enables us to partner with Ormond Beach businesses like yours to generate leads, fuel growth, and ensure long-term success.

Are you ready to unleash your business and experience the transformative power of advanced digital marketing? Contact us today. Let’s begin our journey towards unparalleled success in the digital realm together.

Pay For Performance SEO Marketing Agency

pay for performance marketing and advertising

Are Poor Marketing Results Costing You BIG MONEY?

Have you considered a pay for performance (P4P) or a pay per sale marketing offer?  What is pay for performance marketing?  It’s an agreement tp produce sales through some aspect of marketing, short or long term. 

The marketing company gets paid (either in full or partially) based on the results, sales or leads they produce.  This can be lucrative if the marketer succeeds by organically ranking in the Google Search results.

Most marketing companies would never do this and the reward has to be worth all the work and investment the web company will have to do upfront.  Some common ways a marketer will structure a pay for performance (P4P) deal is by running ad campaigns.  

Ad campaigns are expensive to not just set up but to run and ultimately manage the results of.  In some cases the marketing firm will absorb all these fees and sometimes you split the costs.  Perhaps you pay so much a day in revenue for clicks while the marketer sets up and manages the account.

PS. I WILL NOT FUND YOUR ADWORDS!  That was just an example and you would have to have the next pet rock!

There are also SEO based pay for performance-sale-lead models.  This is my favorite.  I can use stats to show performance and Google monitors it.  Using Search Console I can see exactly what is going on with your site and target specific services.  SEO pay for performance or SEO pay per sale agreements are long term and can be very lucrative!  That is the dream and the reward for succeeding and building you a lead generating system.

PS.  You would have also got rich on something you did not have and needed desperately.  Let’s make a deal!

Pay-For-Performance Programs: SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

pay for performance marketing and advertisingPay for performance/sales SEO is fantastic for a small company to get off the ground.  There are a few things to note here.  First, most web companies under this type of arrangement would own your sites domain or at least the files they create.  

It has to be that way or you might run off, take the site and not pay the marketer.  So the first step in any pay for performance gig is for you to be able to guarantee the marketer their part, somehow long term.  

They are investing in you and will be out of pocket time and expenses till you succeed and ultimately pay for the services rendered.  

An idea for a small startup would be to designate a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).  This can be expensive but in many cases can be scaled down.  Consider the idea of outsourcing or going with a part time CMO.  You still get a marketing expert but would share with several other companies.

Also, most marketers won’t touch the majority of industries simply because they are too saturated.  It really does take a lot of work to make, rank and manage a website.  So if I work with you on a pay for performance deal, I expect to invest 250 to 1000 hours of time over the next year.

I also expect to win so I don’t take on every enquirer.  I have limited time and build targeted content to take small niches.  That is how you found this article, via content marketing targeting pay per sale, pay for performance and CMO searches.

SEO starts to work well after about the 3rd or 4th month.  Using Search Console and Google Analytics allows me to see the site move up the search results.  It tells me key insights that will be added to the page I am building.  

So just like this page, if you come back in a month it will be different.  That’s because I am watching stats on this page and modifying its content so that I rank better!

I will in many cases do this for local home services based companies.  Yes, if we move forward I will succeed so I expect you to too.  I will build for you the most insane lead generation system you could have dreamed of.

Pay-For-Performance Programs: Social Networks Build

Another great pay for performance is the building and building up of social networks.  I offer several paths here.  I can build something like a Pinterest and create 50 boards.  Each boards would contain 50 to 100 images and they would be OPP (other people property).  

If you have images I can create boards with just your images, mixed with your images and others or separate.  If you don’t understand…  There are millions of images that can be used certain ways.  Some can be owned and some just embedded.  Pinterest has embeddable boards (groups of images) or single pics.  I like boards of related products like:

pay for performance social network buildup

  • A locksmith could have picture boards of brands of locks or security devices.  They could also share videos from YouTube of other locksmiths advice (not local).  This can instantly give you dozens of pages of highly related material to your business.
  • A Handyman could have picture boards of dozens of handy things like towel bars, 
  • A local painter could use Sherwin and Williams as their vendor and have access to lots of pictures and videos.  Heck the YouTube S&W Channel has videos on how to paint and on color picking techniques.  The ideas are really endless for using other peoples content (legally).

    So each social network has a max time and minimum requirements.  This would involve setting up a social network and filling out the profile or if this is already done, checking all this.  Then I would create 25, 50 or more boards and then create pages on your site to host those boards.

    Those onsite pages would also get some form of written content.  The idea is to target these sub niche markets directly and create a way for the consumer to surf that content.  I like to make the home page a sitemap like layout.  Obviously the home page targets your main service and then all the sub service and related info somewhere below on the home page.

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Professional Home Services Marketing

Painter use local content marketing to get business leads

Learn How To Dominate Your Local Listings:

Dominate your local market online with SEO and content marketingI call it king of the mountain and it’s not for lazy business people.  King of the mountain refers to an idea where you are the likely choice for Google because you have researched and written about everything in your niche.  Using content marketing it is easy to take a piece of just about any small local market.

Consider that if you produced a hundred pages of well written targeted content, you would probally have more five times the content of any competitor.  Now I’m not saying that this content is foreign but rather highly related to your services and niche market.

If you are a handyman, people find your services by searching for the words handyman and a location.  They also search for your handyman services by searching more direct like “gate repair near me” or “small painting jobs South Daytona”.  

There are hundreds or possibilities here to create pages of content and the benefit is a consistent flow of leads plus market exposure.  It’s good to be King!  Isn’t it time to create a better digital marketing strategy?

Don't have ideas for 100 pages of content?

How to dominate your local market through content marketingDon’t worry!  It’s not as hard as you think.  Let’s talk about a few services related industries below and the types of content they could produce.  Know that most of your competitors have websites that are completely under-developed and their site is 5 pages.  Just imagine entrenching yourself as a leading expert in your field.

The best part is most of what you need is already out on the web.  You have sites like Pinterest and YouTube.  Each has millions of pieces of content that can be embedded and used to pitch your services.  Or, you could find videos you like and make your own version.  At minimum, you need to start taking before and after videos of all your work.  This will give you endless images and content to work with.

Can you really use this content?  Absolutely!  Heck Sherwin and Williams even has videos on how to paint a room and videos on color choosing help.  They want to promote their product and you are their installer.  You are still going to write some of your own content and you are linking to them by embedding their video.

The same applies to many construction and home services.  Business need to build online like they build in real life.  Your website is your business in the online world.  It needs to attract. entertain, inform and solicit your services as the solution.

A Full Home Services Digital Marketing Agency:

PPC Marketing

Website Design

Social Media Account Setup

Video Marketing

Reputation Management

Competitor Research

Link Building

Map & Phonebook Citations

Facebook Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Website SEO

Email Marketing

Chatbot Marketing

Messenger Marketing

Website Speed Optimization

Handyman Services Online Web Marketing Ideas:

Handyman website marketing using content marketingSo what could a handyman do to take over their local home repair market?  Simple, create targeted content around everything the niche of “Handyman” covers.  You could create a home page that is like a directory page.  Then you would create 10, 25, 50 or more pages for things like mailbox repair, shutter installation, window repair, door repair, lock replacement, small jobs, gutter cleaning, door painting, high light bulb replacement, yard cleanups and more!

The ideas really are endless and I already have done this twice before (example 1, example 2).  These two sites have over 150 pages collectively.  Both site rank in the top of their handyman niches and each page has its own search analytics data.  That means I can track, remodel and over time increase its performance.  Also, some articles are winners and some are duds.  However, each piece of content makes you look bigger in the eyes of Google!

Electrical Services Online Web Marketing Ideas:

local electricians use content marketing to grow their businessesSo what kind of content could a local electrician create?  The ideas are just pouring through my mind!  Create picture boards of light fixtures, dimmers, timers, landscape lights, hot tubs (they need electric), Eco car hookups, appliance electrical and more.

You could collect videos from YouTube on electrical safety or make a few of your own targeted to your immediate area.  You could find video collections of lights and even break this down to different types of lights (inside, outside, landscape, under cabinet).

Creating pages of content this way not just produces clients but they window shop for stuff you install!

Plumbing & HVAC Services Online Web Marketing Ideas:

Plumbers use content marketing to increase business flow via online leadsFor plumbers and/or HVAC companies there are also a zillion marketing ideas.  A plumber could create marketing around all the things they service and install.  An HVAC company the same.  

Create picture boards on Pinterest for bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, toilets, heat pumps, HVAC systems, sprinkler systems, tubs, hot tubs, water heaters, shower heads and more.

Plumbers & HVAC companies also can use YouTube and collect videos from all their vendors like Moen, Rheem, Kohler, Goodman or American Standard.  You could also just go to your supply house and make videos right there.  The supplier will probally like this and heck if they link to your web page about their product, that’s a bonus for both of you!  

Plumber and heating/cooling companies should also like all contractors be taking videos before, during and after ever job.  This should be mandatory and can be used for insurance and marketing.  Also videos allow for endless images frame by frame.  Note, never put the customer address or name in the video.  Customers rarely care if you video your own work and in many cases they were the first people to watch the video I took!

Painting Services Online Web Marketing Ideas:

Painter use local content marketing to get business leadsRunning a local painting service or considering starting one?  Painting is one of those professions that has lots of content possibilities.  You have your suppliers and some huge ones.  Collect videos and seek out the paint manufacturers Pinterest. 

I just looked up Sherwin and Williams Paints on YouTube and they have a hundred plus videos!  They have videos of how to and color wheels.  I bet they have some sort of widget you can embed on your website so your client can look through official colors.  Plus, they have already made playlists of videos for you.  I personally would make my own YouTube channel or make one for you. 

I would the create your won playlists and title them with your targeted keywords.  This way you are building up your YouTube Channel with content.  Then I would again start taking video of everything you do and videos of stuff your vendors have.  Vendors could be Home Depot too or the local lawn shop that sells pressure washers.  Remember, the video or pics is one thing. 

If you know the business owner share links and this content together (linking back and forth).  Just 5 links from local websites could be lla that you’ll ever need for rank and site authority.

General Contractor Online Web Marketing Ideas:

general contractors use content marketing for lead generationIf your a general contractor you should be targeting all your big money items.  Additions, remodels and home rehabs all have dozens of things that can be written about.  

You could also write about the investment value of a home addition long term.  Also holding a general contractor license may afford you the opportunity to hire subs.  There are dozens of projects where other contractors are plenty capable of doing the work but they don’t have the license.  

You have the license and can pull what is needed and check the work.  You could also lead generate to enhance this.  Write about simple things a G.C. can do that a handyman cannot.  You could really create a flow of leads and a second stream of revenue off your primary.  Sub it!  Here is a great article with some tips and tricks on subcontracting.

Home Cleaning Services Web Marketing Ideas:

home cleaning service marketing ideasGot a home cleaning service?  You can create content on dozens of cleaning related services like stove cleaning, frig cleaning, tile cleaning, window cleaning, Eco products and more.  If you use a really nice vacuum, you could tell about it in a post and short video.

Remember, the idea is to beat your number one competitor and provide four times the content they have.  Why?  Link building only does so much and sites that I build can’t be beat that easily.  If you build a huge website and a huge Pinterest and a huge YouTube…  

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Ponce Inlet Website Development & SEO

Ponce Inlet SEO and content marketing

Need A New Ponce Inlet Website or SEO?

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I Offer These Web Services:

Ps.  I don’t just serve Ponce Inlet businesses, but also serve Wilbur By The Sea, Daytona Beach Shores and most of Volusia County too!  But I did make this page just for you, my new Ponce inlet friend!

*WordPress Websites

*Website Setup

*Website SEO

*Website Analytics

*Logo Development


*Google AdWords

*Bing Ads

*Social Network Marketing

*Ad Roll


*Google Analytics

*Link Building

*Search Console

*Competitor Research

*Market Research

*Keyword Research

*Facebook Marketing

Transform Your Ponce Inlet Business with Strategic Digital Marketing Solutions

Are you a small local business owner in Ponce Inlet’s service industry? Now is the time to rethink your strategy and elevate your enterprise to new heights. Today’s market reality underscores that a robust online presence is not just a bonus—it’s vital. Let’s delve into the profound advantages of proficient website management, SEO, and focused social media marketing, and understand how these approaches can morph your local service business into a dynamic lead-generating machine.

1. Website Management – Your Digital Beacon

Your website is more than a mere digital presence—it’s an always-open, always-ready representation of your business. But remember, all websites are not created equal. A truly effective, lead-generating website goes beyond aesthetic design. It needs to be user-focused, conversion-oriented, and managed meticulously.

Our forte lies in designing and managing websites specifically tailored to generate leads. We ensure your site is always current, visually appealing, fully functional, and well-equipped with compelling call-to-actions (CTAs) and landing pages that entice visitors and convert them into clients.

2. SEO – Building Long-term Business Resilience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategic process of fine-tuning your website to achieve high rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) for specific, business-relevant keywords. Why is this crucial for your Ponce Inlet service business? In simple terms, prominent visibility on search engines like Google drives increased traffic, and higher traffic correlates with a surge in lead generation.

SEO enables you to establish long-term business resilience by consistently attracting organic traffic to your website. Though it’s an investment that requires some time to yield returns, once it starts paying off, you’ll enjoy consistent, cost-efficient lead generation.

3. Social Media & Content Marketing – Your Community Connection

Leverage the power of social networks to build meaningful connections with your local Ponce Inlet community. Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and others are potent tools to feature your business, shape your brand image, and engage with your audience.

Our team excels in crafting engaging, relevant content tailored to suit each platform’s unique audience. Our proactive customer engagement approach helps build relationships that transform into long-term brand loyalty and advocacy.

4. Google AdWords & Other Digital Ads – Broaden Your Horizon

Engage your prospective customers at the perfect moment with targeted digital advertising. Platforms like Google AdWords allow us to position your service business front and center when customers are actively searching for your services. Paired with our precision-targeted social media ads on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, we can drastically boost your online visibility, accelerate lead generation, and supercharge your conversion rates.


Every local service business, including yours, has an untapped potential to thrive in the online sphere. It all begins with a lead-oriented website, a solid SEO strategy, active social media marketing, and astute digital advertising. Our custom digital marketing approach allows us to partner with Ponce Inlet businesses like yours to generate leads, stimulate growth, and secure long-term success.

Are you ready to revolutionize your business and experience the transformative power of professional digital marketing? Reach out to us today. Let’s embark on the journey towards unparalleled digital success together.

My Personally Built Websites:

Ponce Inlet Digital Marketing ServicesLooking for Ponce Inlet web design and development?  I personally built these WordPress websites and maintain them.  Over the years I have tried many different templates, designs and plugins.  These days I like to use what they call a front end builder (Elementor).  I have found that paid templates or just templates in general, are all very slow and bulky.  I like light and quick templates and themes so I can have heavy website stuff like video and images.  Consumes like shinny things!  –  My main marketing website.  You are here!  –  A site promoting tourism mainly by video.  The site is connected to a YouTube which has about 200 video playlists containing close to 10,000 videos.  All this content is grouped by fun thing to do and popularity.  –  A site promoting a resorts vacation club.  The site has about 50 pages and outranks the resort for it’s own hotel maps!  –  A personal improvement website.  Site has thousands of videos organized by speaker or life topic.  Website has several hundred pages of content and a large YouTube.

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New Smyrna Beach Web Property Development

New Smyrna Beach Digital Marketing Services

Is Your New Smyrna Beach Marketing Paying Off?

new smyrna beach digital marketing servicesAs a local web strategist , I see marketing in a completely different from most webmasters.  I can look at a website stats and tell you exactly what they have, need and should do.

There really are just three paths here.  You’ve got paid ads, SEO or a combination of the two.  Each path needs to be built and planned or you’ll waste time and money.

Know that what web companies call “SEO” varies by company and encompasses a huge list of services!  In my opinion and experience, the bigger the advertising firm the poorer the quality of overall SEO services are.

Also to be fair, SEO may NOT be right for you!  You may be in a niche that would require more than you are willing to invest now or ever.  Maybe expanding your paid ads is the fastest way to a big win.

New Smyrna Beach Digital Marketing Services

In fact, I can tell you honestly what I think (after looking at your site) what it will take to do SEO in your niche.  I am a niche specialist.  To be on the first page of Google for an given search, you will need to have the best web content for those searches.

If the first page of Google is loaded with websites that have high trust, rank and added social media accounts, you may not stand a chance!  You would need at least this much web presence (as a minimum requirement) to even consider playing on that field of keyword phrases.  

Make sense?  Now if you are intending to be King and control your market, that’s were I shine.

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Let's Create A Better Marketing Plan!

Have you considered what it would take for you to actually rank on Google?  

I know you have been sold local SEO services, but do you know what that even means?  Do you know what they did, if anything?  SEO is a very general category of services and not any specific single thing.  

Also SEO for a small local business that just serves local is different than SEO for a company that is demographic bound.

New Smyrna Beach Website Design

I like to keep website design down to a minimum for one reason, speed.  Everything added to a webpage makes it heavier and longer to load.  These days, the majority of web searches are done on a cell phone.  You must have a mobile optimized site and your site must load fast, fast, fast!  

My NSB website design services would include your domain, Hosting, WordPress, theme and Elementor Page/Site Builder.  Your new site would also get several plugins to operate video, pictures, speed and contact forms.  I will customize each web package to be specific to your marketing needs.   

WordPress Website Design New Smyrna Beach

Why WordPress & Elementor:

I like to use WordPress with a stripped theme and Elementor’s Page/Site Builder.  The way it works is WordPress is the platform and managed completely by WordPress.  WordPress is the largest web platform and is kept up to date.  On top of WordPress go plugins which do different tasks.  Plugins can be created and maintained by anyone since WordPress is Open source.  

Using a free stripped theme allows for no bloat.  Bloat comes from too many free, extra functions in a theme that you don’t need.  Even if not used these things slow your site down.  

The main functioning part is Elementor Page/Site Builder and it gets used as the theme/template.  By creating 3 pieces (header, page and footer) your entire sites template can be managed quickly and easily.  Doing it this way, we save weight so we can embed stuff like videos and pictures. 

New Smyrna Beach Website Optimization

website optimization NSB FloridaGot a website already and just need it optimized.  I optimize for conversions which means your site gets checked for speed, mobile usability, analytics and keyword use.  Optimizing for any one won’t do much but fixing all 4 will certainly make a difference!

I don’t half-ass things.  I am though rough and will build you a lead generation system that will allow you to grow.  Here is an article all about website speed and how it affects mobile usage.  If your site isn’t fats and mobile it won’t be indexed!

Worse, Google is adding penalties for not having SSL or https (article).  In fact, if you still have http, you are probally not mobile friendly and will soon be like the dinosaurs!  Google is making big changes in 2021!

New Smyrna Beach Website Development

website development New Smyrna BeachWebsite development is building up a site after you have a basic design and setup the various plugins.  The first step in building up any website is to get it connected to Google AdWords and Search Console.  

Second, I need to do market research and see who ranks for what in and around your product or service. 

Third, I need to see what content they have and you don’t and create something like it.  This gets done for all your market competitors. 

Fourth, I pull all link reports for competitors and try to get the same links.

New Smyrna Beach Citations

New Smyrna Beach Web Map CitationsAn easy way to explain a website citation is to call it a phonebook  listing.  There are about 50 places that creating a listing will help.  The idea is to have all of your contact information correct across all these sites.  In some cases these sites automatically make a listing for you or in the case of Yelp, a client does.  

Citations help increase a website trust as long as your directory listings (phone, web addresses, emails) are all correct.  I use a citation service, set it up and monitor this as long as we are together.  

New Smyrna Beach Logo Design

Logo Design New Smyrna BeachNeed a logo designed for your local New Smyrna Beach business?  A professional logo can make your storefront, business cards, web properties and all your marketing material more branded.  Plus it make you appear more professional.  Logo design just needs to be in a vector format for most printer to resize. 

I have over the years used many vendors and I finally found several talented people.  Let me create for you your new business logo.  Choose from elegant, hand drawn, minimalist and more.   You can also use the logo for your business paperwork like invoices and estimates.

Each logo comes with several reworkable proofs.  You can choose colors or just see what the artist(s) comes up with.  I can also get you multiple artists to draft up your logo.  As a small business, I would pick something nice and if you still like it in 5 years…  You’re probally not building a franchise or big named business.  This service cost between $99 and $199 and gives you several options and reworks.

New Smyrna Beach Advertising

Already have a website or landing page?  I offer personalized advertising and my preference is Google, Bing and Nextdoor.  Each has an ads platform that can be set up.  There are also some other services to consider like Yelp, Home Advisor and Thumbtack.  I personally do not like these but they do control many of the local search results.  

New Smyrna Beach Advertising OnlineAds also can be set up and not run.  Or they can be run on an as needed basis.  I like to set up ads on everything you already rank for (except your name) so you have two chances of a click.  Also if you are looking to compete with a competitor, you can buy ads and go toe to toe.  Advertising can be done without all the need of quality content.  Create a landing page, buy traffic and try to convert it.

Consider retargeting and remarketing.  For pennies on the dollar you can re-advertise to people that have been to your site before.  Retargeting is following a visitor home that just visited.  They took no action on your site and just left.  You can display ads to them let say for a day after they visited.  This can save the sale and is done with those things called cookies!

Remarketing is targeting people that gave you an their email or that are a previous customer.  Remarketing is advanced retargeting.  Both remarketing and retargeting can increase your website sales by advertising to people that already showed interest!

New Smyrna Beach SEO

SEO New Smyrna Beach FloridaSEO is thrown around and few people even know what it means.  SEO isn’t for everyone and may not work for your business.  Plus true SEO takes many months and is something you grow.  When companies talk about SEO services they are really talking about link building.  

However, SEO is a much broader thing and includes stuff like citations, content marketing and market research.  Collectively the idea of these tasks is to get your site to show up under specific Google searches for free.  Ranking on the first page of Google will bring a steady daily flow of traffic.

New Smyrna Beach Social Media

Social Media Marketing Packages New Smyrna BeachI love social media and you if you are doing the SEO thing, you will need to do social media.  I recommend Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.  Most small businesses can dominate search with 3 out of 4.  No, you don’t need your own unique content.  You can use pictures and videos off the web from social media in certain ways.  

On Pinterest a painter can collect highly related images like wall paper designs or types of paint.  Heck, go to Sherwin and Williams YouTube and share their videos!  The same applies to YouTube.  A Painter can collect videos of what other consumers have done and sell their own services.  Consider that you need these social networks and you need to build them up.

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Bowman Digital Marketing & SEO Packages 2021

social media marketing Daytona Beach Florida

Step #1: Get Your Free Strategic Look

Let me audit your website and show you where you are in your local market, what problems your website has and how my services are the solution! 

What I offer is different from anything you have been sold before.  I produce results and build lead generation systems.  I offer financing and payments for your small business marketing.

Challenge me to build something better!

In less than an hour I will find several things that will immediately increase traffic and lead to overall sales.

If I can’t, I will pass on your project simply because I need to win!  If I can win, I will customize a proposal for our work together.

Ps.  I love small businesses on a budget.  If you will work with me long term, I will work in advance to produce a lead generation website for you!  Payment plans & options available!

Step #2: Picking Marketing Plan

I can/will customize a marketing plan for each service that I work with.  Some clients don’t care about SEO or ranking content on Google.  They get their business lead generation by running ads and just need a good strategic guy.  

customized website SEO and marketing packagesOther clients want WordPress websites built from scratch or specialized SEO services like content marketing & link building.  So I offer many customized digital marketing services.  Below are a few examples of packages we can create together!

Ps.  Tweaking a websites current content to double or triple that pages traffic is my strongest skill set!  I can do this by re-writing existing content and competitor research.  Using factual Google Search Console data and Spyfu, I can (over time, weeks & months) strategically take pieces of a keyword market.  

Complete Marketing Packages:

Daytona Beach Digital Marketing ServicesLooking for someone to just do it for you?  I can over 9 or 10 months take a piece of many types of local online markets.  This is done via content marketing, link building, competitive research and analytics.  Pieces of larger markets can be taken over longer times frames.  

If you already have a site with traffic and article, I can get results in months!  Of course, in the mean time we can run ads and do all this research I am speaking of.  I make weekly/monthly videos to show you accountability, stats and where we can improve.

Since every client/website that I work on is unique, it’s hard to just quote a general price.  If you let me look at your site I can be so much more helpful as to what your possibilities are.  You may be winning in a few places and could setup a Google AdWords and win now.  

Plus, knowing what your competitors are doing, have done and mimicking it will be like building a second stream/flow of income/leads.

I also encourage small business owners that want to help and will tackle getting me things like pictures/videos of their work.  To take a piece of a market you need quality content and that’s hard to fake.  Remember that content can be optimized and used over and over on not just your site but social media. 

Get A Free Review & Proposal:

Search Engine Marketing Packages:

Search Engine Marketing Daytona Beach FloridaLet me set up your Google AdWords, Bing or Ad roll. 

GOOGLE ADWORDS:  Did you know that most AdWords accounts are poorly setup and almost never looked at by a strategist.  There may be keywords that just suck for your company/product.  You may have keywords that are getting clicks for things not related to your product/service. 

A quick way I impress clients is to show them what their competitors are and have done.  I can look at the keyword phrases that bring you the most money and see what others have done to target it both in search and paid.  Heck I can even see the old ads a company ran and click data.

Google AdWords is the biggest and gets over 5 billion searches everyday.  Google has about 60% of the search engine traffic and that’s just on Google.  Google owns close to 200 companies including YouTube, Waze, Chrome, Google Maps, Google Drive and Nest.  Google is huge and used daily by millions in many different ways.

The best part is you can target not just keyword searches but the places and types of people that see the ad.  You can also A/B test ads with different copy.

Yahoo/Bing/Microsoft:  Looking to set up an ad campaign on Yahoo or Bing?  My preference is Google AdWords, but #2 is Bing/Yahoo.  I have always been a Google guy but Bing does get traffic and it’s similar to google just not as great.  You can target all the same things on Bing/yahoo as you can on Google.  

AdRoll:  Looking to set up an ad retargeting campaign on AdRoll?  AdRoll lets you retarget those that have already seen an ad or interacted with some aspect of your service.  You can retarget them for pennies on the dollar and are normally charged by impressions or per 1000 impressions.  What does that all mean?  Retargeting lets you follow a consumer around the web as they search for other things. 

You may have also heard the term remarketing.  Remarketing is following someone around the web as they searched based on their email address.  Both methods can increase sales by reminding the client that they were interested.  Perhaps the time wasn’t right and an ad served hours or days after they first saw you could turn it around.

Conversion Optimization Packages:

Optimization of web pages increases cash flowIt’s one thing to get traffic and another to convert it.  There are tools that can be set up that tell you amazing data. 

Website Heat Maps:  What is a website heat map?  It’s like a video recorder that tracks people as they surf through your site.  It allows you to see what each and every consumer that goes through any given page is doing.  I/we actually can actually watch an entire video and see the consumer scrolling and clicking images.  This shows us why a person leaves or if there is something wrong.  It shows collective data also over hundreds of visitors.  Sometimes a simple thing is costing you all your traffic.  We found its common for mobile optimized websites to not have a clickable phone number in their mobile version!  A simple fix and the cash flowed in.

Google Analytics & Search Console:  If your not using these your completely blind.  I cannot tell you just how useful Search Console is.  If you watch any of my videos you will see that I use it a lot.  It’s the foundation of so much strategy plus I have found several big niches to exploit by reading that data.  These tools also alert you of any issues with your website.  Not knowing you have a website issues means your site is down or at minimum removed from Googles listings.  If you do have Google Analytics & Search Console I hope you realize how valuable that data is!  When your ready let someone like me have a look at that.

Social Media Marketing Packages:

Social Media Marketing Packages Daytona BeachEach of my social media marketing packages can and must be customized to your needs.  Depending on how developed your current social media project is, I can do initial setup, optimization, paid ads or even link building (likes/shares).  Let’s discuss a few:

Facebook Marketing:   Facebook can be used to lead generate or keep consumers engaged.  Facebook has ads, business listing pages, groups and is used by seven out of ten Americans.  Facebook is the top social network and owns number two (Instagram)!  You can retarget/remarket people by email, phone number or Facebook ID.  Facebook can be used for reviews or that section can be turned off.  You can use Facebook for content marketing or just share existing content to your business page or group.  Facebook is definitely one of the 4 social media sites that I would build up.

Instagram Marketing:   Instagram is owned by Facebook and is similar to Pinterest.  It has over one billion active monthly users.  Instagram is more app driven while Pinterest is more web driven (at least for me).  There are 25 million business profiles on Instagram.  As with all the content you create always fully fill out descriptions.  When possible add links and share.  Know that you can use a thing called hash-tags on Instagram.  These should also be added to the descriptions of each image you create.  If someone re-shares or embeds an image they take with them a link to you and your Instagram.

social media marketing Daytona Beach FloridaPinterest Marketing:   I love Pinterest!  This is by far my favorite social network!  In tourism I have over 150 Pinterest boards on fun things to do.  Have a look!  They carry links, ads and are embeddable.  Pinterest & YouTube (discussed below) can be a Godsend for a small business that has no content.  If your a dentist collect pictures of  nice dental equipment or happy people at the dentist office.  If your in tourism, collect pictures of fun things to do locally.  If you do weddings, collect wedding related images of flowers and dresses.  Pinterest can help you dominate a market too!  I used it to take over a home repair market outside of Denver.  I created over 50 pages on this website and embedded Pinterest Boards of stuff like babyproofing, door locks, door peepers, shutters, shower heads, faucets, curtains and more.  Time onsite went through the roof.  Does some traffic go to Pinterest?  Absolutely but that’s good because Google is watching and wants to serve the person searching.  If they all bounce from your site, Google will stop serving you.  On the other side of that is if you create a mass of content, Google will become your best friend (and give you statistics)!

YouTube Marketing:   YouTube is another place where I have created hundreds of video boards.  For that same handyman site, I collected videos on home security (locks, alarms, tips) and made pages for that.  If I could add a Pinterest Board, I did.  For a travel and tourism site I collected over ten thousand videos of fun things to do and put them into 200 playlists.  Have a look!  I embedded that content to rank for things all across Daytona Beach, Cancun, Cozumel and Los Cabos.  That content doesn’t just help in search but it keeps consumers engaged onsite which is a huge Google factor.  Plus, consumers don’t always know an area or what they fully want.  They may need you to help them build the dream!  YouTube also has a slew of advertising options.  Also making a few video of your own is always good as long as you fully fill out the description.  Always add links to additional resources in every piece of media offsite especially YouTube videos.

Nextdoor Marketing:    Have you heard about Nextdoor?  For a local business this is a serious must have!  Nextdoor is like Facebook except instead of friends and family, it’s your neighbors.  You create a business profile off your personal and then build it up.  Over time you get the power to interact with thousands of locals that live directly around your business.  This can be so powerful for a local small service provider like a house keeper, dog walker, handyman or electrician.  Plus, you build referrals or likes.  The more you get the larger the area of your influence!  It took a year to build up to 20+ likes and by doing so I had access to a half million local residents!  Oh, did I mention it was all FREE!  Nextdoor doesn’t charge for profiles or posting.  They make money from ads like from local realtors.  What else is Nextdoor for?  It keeps you informed to neighborhood related stuff like break ins, yard sales, community news and more.  Highly recommended!

Messaging App Marketing Packages:

Instant Message App Marketing daytona BeachOne of the hottest forms of marketing today is through messaging apps!  Instead of the old chat box you can setup chat bots.  A chat bot can answer common consumer questions or alert a rep for help.  Some of these services allow you to add that consumer to a list for future messages.

WordPress Marketing Packages:

Wordpress Website Expert Daytona BeachWordPress is the best option for your website.  There are millions of people that work on this open source platform and endless themes/plugins.  Each offers special features that would take thousands to develop inhouse.

I have a list of plugins & themes that I have vetted.  My prime objective is always for speed since that is what hurts a company the most.

Why WordPress?  The money you spend on someone to code & maintain your website by hand could be used for lead generation.  I would only go the route of coding if you are so big you have a separate SEO or marketing department. 

Open Source WordPress has many solutionsI use several paid plugins and super basic themes that have no bloat and load fast (or can load fast when optimized).  I also believe a website should have it’s main pages (sales pages) and a blog.

A blog can look just like the rest of the site or completely different based on season.  I love Elementor which is a page (site) builder.  It allows me to build/create/modify the template around your content by category/type.

Competitor & Market Research Packages:

Know your competitors for a greater advantageOne of the most valuable things a company can do is to look at their competitors and your shared market.  There are tools that tell me what keyword phrases they rank for and what ones they are buying.  I can also see that ad copy they ran and a bunch of other data.

There are hundreds of opportunities to mimic what a competitor is doing and to expand your own lead generation market. Plus you should be link building and trying to get the same links all your competitors have.

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