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Are Poor Marketing Results Costing You BIG MONEY?

Have you considered a pay for performance (P4P) or a pay per sale marketing offer?  What is pay for performance marketing?  It’s an agreement tp produce sales through some aspect of marketing, short or long term. 

The marketing company gets paid (either in full or partially) based on the results, sales or leads they produce.  This can be lucrative if the marketer succeeds by organically ranking in the Google Search results.

Most marketing companies would never do this and the reward has to be worth all the work and investment the web company will have to do upfront.  Some common ways a marketer will structure a pay for performance (P4P) deal is by running ad campaigns.  

Ad campaigns are expensive to not just set up but to run and ultimately manage the results of.  In some cases the marketing firm will absorb all these fees and sometimes you split the costs.  Perhaps you pay so much a day in revenue for clicks while the marketer sets up and manages the account.

PS. I WILL NOT FUND YOUR ADWORDS!  That was just an example and you would have to have the next pet rock!

There are also SEO based pay for performance-sale-lead models.  This is my favorite.  I can use stats to show performance and Google monitors it.  Using Search Console I can see exactly what is going on with your site and target specific services.  SEO pay for performance or SEO pay per sale agreements are long term and can be very lucrative!  That is the dream and the reward for succeeding and building you a lead generating system.

PS.  You would have also got rich on something you did not have and needed desperately.  Let’s make a deal!

Pay-For-Performance Programs: SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

pay for performance marketing and advertisingPay for performance/sales SEO is fantastic for a small company to get off the ground.  There are a few things to note here.  First, most web companies under this type of arrangement would own your sites domain or at least the files they create.  

It has to be that way or you might run off, take the site and not pay the marketer.  So the first step in any pay for performance gig is for you to be able to guarantee the marketer their part, somehow long term.  

They are investing in you and will be out of pocket time and expenses till you succeed and ultimately pay for the services rendered.  

An idea for a small startup would be to designate a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).  This can be expensive but in many cases can be scaled down.  Consider the idea of outsourcing or going with a part time CMO.  You still get a marketing expert but would share with several other companies.

Also, most marketers won’t touch the majority of industries simply because they are too saturated.  It really does take a lot of work to make, rank and manage a website.  So if I work with you on a pay for performance deal, I expect to invest 250 to 1000 hours of time over the next year.

I also expect to win so I don’t take on every enquirer.  I have limited time and build targeted content to take small niches.  That is how you found this article, via content marketing targeting pay per sale, pay for performance and CMO searches.

SEO starts to work well after about the 3rd or 4th month.  Using Search Console and Google Analytics allows me to see the site move up the search results.  It tells me key insights that will be added to the page I am building.  

So just like this page, if you come back in a month it will be different.  That’s because I am watching stats on this page and modifying its content so that I rank better!

I will in many cases do this for local home services based companies.  Yes, if we move forward I will succeed so I expect you to too.  I will build for you the most insane lead generation system you could have dreamed of.

Pay-For-Performance Programs: Social Networks Build

Another great pay for performance is the building and building up of social networks.  I offer several paths here.  I can build something like a Pinterest and create 50 boards.  Each boards would contain 50 to 100 images and they would be OPP (other people property).  

If you have images I can create boards with just your images, mixed with your images and others or separate.  If you don’t understand…  There are millions of images that can be used certain ways.  Some can be owned and some just embedded.  Pinterest has embeddable boards (groups of images) or single pics.  I like boards of related products like:

pay for performance social network buildup

  • A locksmith could have picture boards of brands of locks or security devices.  They could also share videos from YouTube of other locksmiths advice (not local).  This can instantly give you dozens of pages of highly related material to your business.
  • A Handyman could have picture boards of dozens of handy things like towel bars, 
  • A local painter could use Sherwin and Williams as their vendor and have access to lots of pictures and videos.  Heck the YouTube S&W Channel has videos on how to paint and on color picking techniques.  The ideas are really endless for using other peoples content (legally).

    So each social network has a max time and minimum requirements.  This would involve setting up a social network and filling out the profile or if this is already done, checking all this.  Then I would create 25, 50 or more boards and then create pages on your site to host those boards.

    Those onsite pages would also get some form of written content.  The idea is to target these sub niche markets directly and create a way for the consumer to surf that content.  I like to make the home page a sitemap like layout.  Obviously the home page targets your main service and then all the sub service and related info somewhere below on the home page.

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