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Is Your New Smyrna Beach Marketing Paying Off?

new smyrna beach digital marketing servicesAs a local web strategist , I see marketing in a completely different from most webmasters.  I can look at a website stats and tell you exactly what they have, need and should do.

There really are just three paths here.  You’ve got paid ads, SEO or a combination of the two.  Each path needs to be built and planned or you’ll waste time and money.

Know that what web companies call “SEO” varies by company and encompasses a huge list of services!  In my opinion and experience, the bigger the advertising firm the poorer the quality of overall SEO services are.

Also to be fair, SEO may NOT be right for you!  You may be in a niche that would require more than you are willing to invest now or ever.  Maybe expanding your paid ads is the fastest way to a big win.

New Smyrna Beach Digital Marketing Services

In fact, I can tell you honestly what I think (after looking at your site) what it will take to do SEO in your niche.  I am a niche specialist.  To be on the first page of Google for an given search, you will need to have the best web content for those searches.

If the first page of Google is loaded with websites that have high trust, rank and added social media accounts, you may not stand a chance!  You would need at least this much web presence (as a minimum requirement) to even consider playing on that field of keyword phrases.  

Make sense?  Now if you are intending to be King and control your market, that’s were I shine.

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Have you considered what it would take for you to actually rank on Google?  

I know you have been sold local SEO services, but do you know what that even means?  Do you know what they did, if anything?  SEO is a very general category of services and not any specific single thing.  

Also SEO for a small local business that just serves local is different than SEO for a company that is demographic bound.

New Smyrna Beach Website Design

I like to keep website design down to a minimum for one reason, speed.  Everything added to a webpage makes it heavier and longer to load.  These days, the majority of web searches are done on a cell phone.  You must have a mobile optimized site and your site must load fast, fast, fast!  

My NSB website design services would include your domain, Hosting, WordPress, theme and Elementor Page/Site Builder.  Your new site would also get several plugins to operate video, pictures, speed and contact forms.  I will customize each web package to be specific to your marketing needs.   

WordPress Website Design New Smyrna Beach

Why WordPress & Elementor:

I like to use WordPress with a stripped theme and Elementor’s Page/Site Builder.  The way it works is WordPress is the platform and managed completely by WordPress.  WordPress is the largest web platform and is kept up to date.  On top of WordPress go plugins which do different tasks.  Plugins can be created and maintained by anyone since WordPress is Open source.  

Using a free stripped theme allows for no bloat.  Bloat comes from too many free, extra functions in a theme that you don’t need.  Even if not used these things slow your site down.  

The main functioning part is Elementor Page/Site Builder and it gets used as the theme/template.  By creating 3 pieces (header, page and footer) your entire sites template can be managed quickly and easily.  Doing it this way, we save weight so we can embed stuff like videos and pictures. 

New Smyrna Beach Website Optimization

website optimization NSB FloridaGot a website already and just need it optimized.  I optimize for conversions which means your site gets checked for speed, mobile usability, analytics and keyword use.  Optimizing for any one won’t do much but fixing all 4 will certainly make a difference!

I don’t half-ass things.  I am though rough and will build you a lead generation system that will allow you to grow.  Here is an article all about website speed and how it affects mobile usage.  If your site isn’t fats and mobile it won’t be indexed!

Worse, Google is adding penalties for not having SSL or https (article).  In fact, if you still have http, you are probally not mobile friendly and will soon be like the dinosaurs!  Google is making big changes in 2021!

New Smyrna Beach Website Development

website development New Smyrna BeachWebsite development is building up a site after you have a basic design and setup the various plugins.  The first step in building up any website is to get it connected to Google AdWords and Search Console.  

Second, I need to do market research and see who ranks for what in and around your product or service. 

Third, I need to see what content they have and you don’t and create something like it.  This gets done for all your market competitors. 

Fourth, I pull all link reports for competitors and try to get the same links.

New Smyrna Beach Citations

New Smyrna Beach Web Map CitationsAn easy way to explain a website citation is to call it a phonebook  listing.  There are about 50 places that creating a listing will help.  The idea is to have all of your contact information correct across all these sites.  In some cases these sites automatically make a listing for you or in the case of Yelp, a client does.  

Citations help increase a website trust as long as your directory listings (phone, web addresses, emails) are all correct.  I use a citation service, set it up and monitor this as long as we are together.  

New Smyrna Beach Logo Design

Logo Design New Smyrna BeachNeed a logo designed for your local New Smyrna Beach business?  A professional logo can make your storefront, business cards, web properties and all your marketing material more branded.  Plus it make you appear more professional.  Logo design just needs to be in a vector format for most printer to resize. 

I have over the years used many vendors and I finally found several talented people.  Let me create for you your new business logo.  Choose from elegant, hand drawn, minimalist and more.   You can also use the logo for your business paperwork like invoices and estimates.

Each logo comes with several reworkable proofs.  You can choose colors or just see what the artist(s) comes up with.  I can also get you multiple artists to draft up your logo.  As a small business, I would pick something nice and if you still like it in 5 years…  You’re probally not building a franchise or big named business.  This service cost between $99 and $199 and gives you several options and reworks.

New Smyrna Beach Advertising

Already have a website or landing page?  I offer personalized advertising and my preference is Google, Bing and Nextdoor.  Each has an ads platform that can be set up.  There are also some other services to consider like Yelp, Home Advisor and Thumbtack.  I personally do not like these but they do control many of the local search results.  

New Smyrna Beach Advertising OnlineAds also can be set up and not run.  Or they can be run on an as needed basis.  I like to set up ads on everything you already rank for (except your name) so you have two chances of a click.  Also if you are looking to compete with a competitor, you can buy ads and go toe to toe.  Advertising can be done without all the need of quality content.  Create a landing page, buy traffic and try to convert it.

Consider retargeting and remarketing.  For pennies on the dollar you can re-advertise to people that have been to your site before.  Retargeting is following a visitor home that just visited.  They took no action on your site and just left.  You can display ads to them let say for a day after they visited.  This can save the sale and is done with those things called cookies!

Remarketing is targeting people that gave you an their email or that are a previous customer.  Remarketing is advanced retargeting.  Both remarketing and retargeting can increase your website sales by advertising to people that already showed interest!

New Smyrna Beach SEO

SEO New Smyrna Beach FloridaSEO is thrown around and few people even know what it means.  SEO isn’t for everyone and may not work for your business.  Plus true SEO takes many months and is something you grow.  When companies talk about SEO services they are really talking about link building.  

However, SEO is a much broader thing and includes stuff like citations, content marketing and market research.  Collectively the idea of these tasks is to get your site to show up under specific Google searches for free.  Ranking on the first page of Google will bring a steady daily flow of traffic.

New Smyrna Beach Social Media

Social Media Marketing Packages New Smyrna BeachI love social media and you if you are doing the SEO thing, you will need to do social media.  I recommend Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.  Most small businesses can dominate search with 3 out of 4.  No, you don’t need your own unique content.  You can use pictures and videos off the web from social media in certain ways.  

On Pinterest a painter can collect highly related images like wall paper designs or types of paint.  Heck, go to Sherwin and Williams YouTube and share their videos!  The same applies to YouTube.  A Painter can collect videos of what other consumers have done and sell their own services.  Consider that you need these social networks and you need to build them up.

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