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How To: Competitor & Market Research

Competitor & Market Research Is A Must Do!

Competitor Research Bioluminescence Florida Research
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Looking for a competitor researcher for your local business?  I have mad experience from ranking stuff internationally and can easily find money for you and your company.  have a look at this video where I take a basic look at two competitors in the bioluminescence market.  One company has done some work and the other did some work but did it poorly.  One company is getting 35,000+ visitors every moth while the other is getting less than 4,000.

It's All About Website Development, Not SEO!

Here are two companies in the same niche offering very similar services in the kayak tour business.  They are both located near Titusville but one has there address listed and the other doesn’t.  One has developed things like schema, permalinks and contact forms and the other hasn’t.  I bet I could quadruple the second place company in just a few months.

Here Are The Two Companies I Talk About In The Video Above:

So What Are The Major Problems That Cause These Two To Be So Different?

A true web strategist can find all sorts of issues that if fixed could make all the difference in every aspect of your companies marketing.  Have a look at the lists below to see those differences.

A Day Away Kayak Tours: (4,000 Monthly Visitors)

BK Adventures: (38,000 Monthly Visitors)