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WordPress Websites Ponce Inlet FloridaWe are a local Port Orange business and serve the Ponce Inlet area.  In fact I have the Lighthouse Point Park pass and the Beach pass combo!  If you are a small business, you can get a free consultation and review from an incredible web strategist, me.

I specialize in SEO and content marketing.  I don’t just sell SEO and website design, I sell myself!  Let me create a lead generating website for your Ponce Inlet business.

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I Offer These Web Services:

Ps.  I don’t just serve Ponce Inlet businesses, but also serve Wilbur By The Sea, Daytona Beach Shores and most of Volusia County too!  But I did make this page just for you, my new Ponce inlet friend!

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My Personally Built Local Ponce Inlet Resources:

Have you considered that you could build your web presence in dozens of ways?  When I say web presence, I mean dozens of pages.  I believe in producing tangible results that you can see and surf through!  I build resources that have a high time on site per visitor, are mobile friendly and will put you in the content marketing game!  

Ponce Inlet website developmentLet’s have a look at some webpages that I optimized for the Ponce Inlet area using SEO and content marketing.  Your Ponce Inlet SEO plan can be something similar.

Regardless of what services you sell, posts/articles engage visitors.  Articles also keep the visitor on site longer and attract shares and likes.  Plus every page makes you one page bigger, is sharable to those social networks your competitors are neglecting and will ultimately lead to a steady flow of new visitors.  

Ps.  I have over 85 pages just in local Daytona Beach tourism and another 100+ for local Daytona Beach home services.  Here are a few:

Here is a local resource for Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.  This page is incomplete and will someday get about 1000 word of written content.  There is also a Pinterest Picture Board that could be embedded here.  This page contains a simple collection of videos directly from YouTube.  The videos are sorted by popularity and so the most popular are always at the top.  Video embeds can be just a single video or an entire collection.  You can even embed an entire channel which would update every time you/they uploaded a new video.

This is one of my favorite parks in the entire Daytona Beach area!  Lighthouse Point Park is the park at the north end of Ponce Inlet.  This park is dog friendly and has plenty of parking.  There is a daily park pass for $10 but for $20 you get a yearly pass.  Add another $25 for the privilege’s of parking and driving on the beach.  Both of these local resources help consumers and the publishers find each other.  So if your a Ponce Inlet business you can promote your general area while promoting your services.  

Looking for disappearing Island?  Sorry, you just missed it!  Disappearing Island is only there twice a day and if you arrive at high tide, you won’t find it at all.  This local Ponce Inlet resource actually ranks #1 on Google!  How?  I took the time to create enough content to be the most useful to those searching for Disappearing Island.

Have you been to the Marine Discovery Center in Ponce Inlet?  This was closed for awhile but is back open.  They offer boat rides and kayak tours.  They are also the leader in conservation for the area and have volunteer opportunities.  They have a wealth of information on the local area including the wildlife and plant life.

My Personally Built Websites:

Ponce Inlet Digital Marketing ServicesLooking for Ponce Inlet web design and development?  I personally built these WordPress websites and maintain them.  Over the years I have tried many different templates, designs and plugins.  These days I like to use what they call a front end builder (Elementor).  I have found that paid templates or just templates in general, are all very slow and bulky.  I like light and quick templates and themes so I can have heavy website stuff like video and images.  Consumes like shinny things!  –  My main marketing website.  You are here!  –  A site promoting tourism mainly by video.  The site is connected to a YouTube which has about 200 video playlists containing close to 10,000 videos.  All this content is grouped by fun thing to do and popularity.  –  A site promoting a resorts vacation club.  The site has about 50 pages and outranks the resort for it’s own hotel maps!  –  A local handyman service that ranks for a dozen top market keyword phrases.  Ranks for Daytona Beach gutter cleaning, mailboxes and handyman services.  –  A personal improvement website.  Site has thousands of videos organized by speaker or life topic.  Website has several hundred pages of content and a large YouTube.   –  A handyman website that was at the top of it’s market and that is for sale.  It outranked every competitor in the northwest Denver areas of Arvada and Westminster.  Optimized for mobile and SEO with over 100 pages of content.

Consider Building Up Web Resources:

Ponce Inlet SEO and content marketingThere are endless ways to buy traffic and lead generate via paid ads.  SEO and content marketing can enhance or eliminate the need for paid marketing.  If you were to create and build up web resources that support your specific niche, you could be King (or Queen).

Consider that you need 3 social networks and a website to play the content marketing game.  If you do research on your local competitors, you will see that few have websites over 5 pages and even less have a YouTube, Facebook or any social networks.  Worse, if they do have them that’s all they have.  They never post new stuff or do any formally marketing.

Ponce Inlet is a semi famous area of the world and offers a slew of “Mom and Pop” stuff to do!  Let’s chat about how you could target new customers using content marketing, SEO and a little up front web development strategy!

Ideas For Ponce Inlet Business Content:

Ponce Inlet Marketing IdeasAs a small business you need to be doing content marketing.  It’s not hard and the content you have access to is extremely valuable.  You are the expert of you and you serve consumers directly.  Learn to say hello to them on video!

If your a restaurant you should make videos of each and every plate or dinner on your menu.  Create a visual video menu linked to dozens of short videos displaying your dinners.  

If you turn your menu into a clickable menu that played a one minute video of the finished product just steaming away.  That content is a closing feature for people flipping through your menu.

If you are a Ponce Inlet tourism based business consider making videos of this beautiful place.  Take videos of sunrises, sunsets, cool fish, birds, fun things…  If you rent equipment, show videos of your canoes, kayaks and boats!  Making short videos is a skill you will need as a business owner.

Let me instruct, guide and assist you in building up your website and web resources.

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What does my free consultation include?  I will pull your website reports on SpyFu and Ubersuggest.  This will tell us what work you have already done and what still needs to be done.  I develop and build up websites and social platforms and produce real results.  

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