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Ormond Beach website development and SEOAre you an Ormond, Ormond Beach, or Ormond By The Sea local business?  Do you need results with your web development, website design, or strategic SEO (search engine optimization)?  Have you bought SEO services in the past and have no idea what they actually did for you?  Consider that you have been sold aspects of SEO and that it was done at best, poorly.

Let me look at your website, social media and your immediate market.  I can literally x-ray your website, pull your local market, research a few competitors and blow your mind with that intel!  I can also see what another so called SEO expert has or has not done.  I am so certain of my web marketing skills that I will guarantee results or I’ll hold back a payment or two!

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Give me 90 days to double or Triple your lead generation:

Are you a home services business looking for Ormond Beach Search Engine Optimization services?  Are you considering building a new website or adding to an existing one?  I offer specialized Ormond Beach marketing services using WordPress.  WordPress saves you big money over a hand developer.

Why WordPress?  Because paying for someone to reinvent the wheel is silly.  WordPress and several plugins do most of a websites work and are kept up to date by their creators.  I focus on internet rankings and targeting markets for lead generation.  Let the experts that created these content management systems code and keep all that backend stuff optimized.  

wed development results in 90 daysI also design or redesign websites for speed (and self sufficiency) using light weight themes and templates.  Everything is mobile friendly and again maintained by it’s creator.  This allows my focus to be on the content and how that content is doing in the search engines.  

More than 50% of all local internet searches are now coming from mobile devices!  In 2021, your Ormond Beach website must be https and mobile friendly or it just won’t show in the search results.  If you went through most of 2020 without HTTPS, you probally are already gone from the search results.  Don’t worry, it comes back so don’t lose that aged domain!

What will I do to build up your presence:

I will first check your website for proper optimization and all the needed today stuff like speed, mobile optimization and SSL (https).  I will check your social networks and or create them.  Just having a social network does nothing for you.  You have to use it by adding content and use it consistently.

I love content marketing and your Holly Hill or Ormond Beach business should be using Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.   At least pick two out of three.

Ormond Beach SEO and content marketingI find that building up Pinterest (example handyman on Pinterest) and YouTube are my favorites for overall presence and onsite content generation.  There is a wealth of highly related information on these sites that you could embed and use to create your own content (webpage).  The videos and images are carried over the way each social network wants and lends value to the contents creator.

If you have no content, consider using niche related content from social.  If you do have your own content, consider that you should still do the afore mentioned plus your own stuff.  Remember content is king and each page of content will rank independent of the site as a whole, which will also rank.  Your post or pages rank may be on page 100, but its a start.  

In a small demographic like Ormond Beach or even one that’s semi famous like Daytona beach, there are always easy content wins.  Don’t think about writing an award winning anything.  Consider that out of the 200 videos I have made I have a 10 views per video average.  However, Google sees that I have 200 videos and that makes me a local resource.  If you just did the same, you could be a resource too!    

A Few Large, SEO Optimized Websites Personally Built!

Looking for some examples of websites that I have built?  Here are several and each in a different niche or niche area.  Each ranks on Google for certain traffic based keyword phrases.  Each is also linked to a Google Analytics and Search Console.  –  You are here and the site ranks for marketing related keywords across the Ormond Beach area.  Check out all my website services here.  –  Check out this resource on fun things to do.  Website has lots of content on Cancun, Cozumel, Los Cabos and Daytona Beach.  Watch and flip through thousands of videos organized by popularity and fun thing!  The site has articles for things like Rockefeller’s House and Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond.  There are roughly 85 pages of content for the local Ormond beach to New Smyrna Beach area.

Ormond Beach website design and development  –  This site no redirects to  Looking for one of the top all inclusive timeshare promotion available?  This site ranks in the top of it’s niche and even ranks for the resorts onsite maps!  Sows in Google search for searches like “Cancun timeshare promotions” and “all inclusive timeshare promotions”.  –  (CLOSED) A local Port orange based handyman and home repair service.  Ranks for gutter repair, gutter cleaning, handyman and more!  Website will be for sale as I move into full time web service.  –  A personal improvement based website that focuses on positive materials. Flip through thousands of videos from the top thinkers and doers on earth!  For many years I have enjoyed self improvement materials.  I have collected videos from some of the top professionals and teachers in the world.  The site is not monetized and really just a side project of mine.   –  (CLOSED) A local North Denver home repair service.  Site is for sale and targets the Arvada and Westminster areas of northwest Denver.  This was my original home repair site from 2017 and 2018.  It has close to 100 pages and could be reworked to rank again.  At it’s peak I pulled over $50,000 in work I referred and got about 5 calls a day for estimates.  I shut it down due to family illness and moved back home.