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Bowman Digital Marketing & SEO Packages 2021

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Step #1: Get Your Free Strategic Look

Let me audit your website and show you where you are in your local market, what problems your website has and how my services are the solution! 

What I offer is different from anything you have been sold before.  I produce results and build lead generation systems.  I offer financing and payments for your small business marketing.

Challenge me to build something better!

In less than an hour I will find several things that will immediately increase traffic and lead to overall sales.

If I can’t, I will pass on your project simply because I need to win!  If I can win, I will customize a proposal for our work together.

Ps.  I love small businesses on a budget.  If you will work with me long term, I will work in advance to produce a lead generation website for you!  Payment plans & options available!

Step #2: Picking Marketing Plan

I can/will customize a marketing plan for each service that I work with.  Some clients don’t care about SEO or ranking content on Google.  They get their business lead generation by running ads and just need a good strategic guy.  

customized website SEO and marketing packagesOther clients want WordPress websites built from scratch or specialized SEO services like content marketing & link building.  So I offer many customized digital marketing services.  Below are a few examples of packages we can create together!

Ps.  Tweaking a websites current content to double or triple that pages traffic is my strongest skill set!  I can do this by re-writing existing content and competitor research.  Using factual Google Search Console data and Spyfu, I can (over time, weeks & months) strategically take pieces of a keyword market.  

Complete Marketing Packages:

Daytona Beach Digital Marketing ServicesLooking for someone to just do it for you?  I can over 9 or 10 months take a piece of many types of local online markets.  This is done via content marketing, link building, competitive research and analytics.  Pieces of larger markets can be taken over longer times frames.  

If you already have a site with traffic and article, I can get results in months!  Of course, in the mean time we can run ads and do all this research I am speaking of.  I make weekly/monthly videos to show you accountability, stats and where we can improve.

Since every client/website that I work on is unique, it’s hard to just quote a general price.  If you let me look at your site I can be so much more helpful as to what your possibilities are.  You may be winning in a few places and could setup a Google AdWords and win now.  

Plus, knowing what your competitors are doing, have done and mimicking it will be like building a second stream/flow of income/leads.

I also encourage small business owners that want to help and will tackle getting me things like pictures/videos of their work.  To take a piece of a market you need quality content and that’s hard to fake.  Remember that content can be optimized and used over and over on not just your site but social media. 

Get A Free Review & Proposal:

Search Engine Marketing Packages:

Search Engine Marketing Daytona Beach FloridaLet me set up your Google AdWords, Bing or Ad roll. 

GOOGLE ADWORDS:  Did you know that most AdWords accounts are poorly setup and almost never looked at by a strategist.  There may be keywords that just suck for your company/product.  You may have keywords that are getting clicks for things not related to your product/service. 

A quick way I impress clients is to show them what their competitors are and have done.  I can look at the keyword phrases that bring you the most money and see what others have done to target it both in search and paid.  Heck I can even see the old ads a company ran and click data.

Google AdWords is the biggest and gets over 5 billion searches everyday.  Google has about 60% of the search engine traffic and that’s just on Google.  Google owns close to 200 companies including YouTube, Waze, Chrome, Google Maps, Google Drive and Nest.  Google is huge and used daily by millions in many different ways.

The best part is you can target not just keyword searches but the places and types of people that see the ad.  You can also A/B test ads with different copy.

Yahoo/Bing/Microsoft:  Looking to set up an ad campaign on Yahoo or Bing?  My preference is Google AdWords, but #2 is Bing/Yahoo.  I have always been a Google guy but Bing does get traffic and it’s similar to google just not as great.  You can target all the same things on Bing/yahoo as you can on Google.  

AdRoll:  Looking to set up an ad retargeting campaign on AdRoll?  AdRoll lets you retarget those that have already seen an ad or interacted with some aspect of your service.  You can retarget them for pennies on the dollar and are normally charged by impressions or per 1000 impressions.  What does that all mean?  Retargeting lets you follow a consumer around the web as they search for other things. 

You may have also heard the term remarketing.  Remarketing is following someone around the web as they searched based on their email address.  Both methods can increase sales by reminding the client that they were interested.  Perhaps the time wasn’t right and an ad served hours or days after they first saw you could turn it around.

Conversion Optimization Packages:

Optimization of web pages increases cash flowIt’s one thing to get traffic and another to convert it.  There are tools that can be set up that tell you amazing data. 

Website Heat Maps:  What is a website heat map?  It’s like a video recorder that tracks people as they surf through your site.  It allows you to see what each and every consumer that goes through any given page is doing.  I/we actually can actually watch an entire video and see the consumer scrolling and clicking images.  This shows us why a person leaves or if there is something wrong.  It shows collective data also over hundreds of visitors.  Sometimes a simple thing is costing you all your traffic.  We found its common for mobile optimized websites to not have a clickable phone number in their mobile version!  A simple fix and the cash flowed in.

Google Analytics & Search Console:  If your not using these your completely blind.  I cannot tell you just how useful Search Console is.  If you watch any of my videos you will see that I use it a lot.  It’s the foundation of so much strategy plus I have found several big niches to exploit by reading that data.  These tools also alert you of any issues with your website.  Not knowing you have a website issues means your site is down or at minimum removed from Googles listings.  If you do have Google Analytics & Search Console I hope you realize how valuable that data is!  When your ready let someone like me have a look at that.

Social Media Marketing Packages:

Social Media Marketing Packages Daytona BeachEach of my social media marketing packages can and must be customized to your needs.  Depending on how developed your current social media project is, I can do initial setup, optimization, paid ads or even link building (likes/shares).  Let’s discuss a few:

Facebook Marketing:   Facebook can be used to lead generate or keep consumers engaged.  Facebook has ads, business listing pages, groups and is used by seven out of ten Americans.  Facebook is the top social network and owns number two (Instagram)!  You can retarget/remarket people by email, phone number or Facebook ID.  Facebook can be used for reviews or that section can be turned off.  You can use Facebook for content marketing or just share existing content to your business page or group.  Facebook is definitely one of the 4 social media sites that I would build up.

Instagram Marketing:   Instagram is owned by Facebook and is similar to Pinterest.  It has over one billion active monthly users.  Instagram is more app driven while Pinterest is more web driven (at least for me).  There are 25 million business profiles on Instagram.  As with all the content you create always fully fill out descriptions.  When possible add links and share.  Know that you can use a thing called hash-tags on Instagram.  These should also be added to the descriptions of each image you create.  If someone re-shares or embeds an image they take with them a link to you and your Instagram.

social media marketing Daytona Beach FloridaPinterest Marketing:   I love Pinterest!  This is by far my favorite social network!  In tourism I have over 150 Pinterest boards on fun things to do.  Have a look!  They carry links, ads and are embeddable.  Pinterest & YouTube (discussed below) can be a Godsend for a small business that has no content.  If your a dentist collect pictures of  nice dental equipment or happy people at the dentist office.  If your in tourism, collect pictures of fun things to do locally.  If you do weddings, collect wedding related images of flowers and dresses.  Pinterest can help you dominate a market too!  I used it to take over a home repair market outside of Denver.  I created over 50 pages on this website and embedded Pinterest Boards of stuff like babyproofing, door locks, door peepers, shutters, shower heads, faucets, curtains and more.  Time onsite went through the roof.  Does some traffic go to Pinterest?  Absolutely but that’s good because Google is watching and wants to serve the person searching.  If they all bounce from your site, Google will stop serving you.  On the other side of that is if you create a mass of content, Google will become your best friend (and give you statistics)!

YouTube Marketing:   YouTube is another place where I have created hundreds of video boards.  For that same handyman site, I collected videos on home security (locks, alarms, tips) and made pages for that.  If I could add a Pinterest Board, I did.  For a travel and tourism site I collected over ten thousand videos of fun things to do and put them into 200 playlists.  Have a look!  I embedded that content to rank for things all across Daytona Beach, Cancun, Cozumel and Los Cabos.  That content doesn’t just help in search but it keeps consumers engaged onsite which is a huge Google factor.  Plus, consumers don’t always know an area or what they fully want.  They may need you to help them build the dream!  YouTube also has a slew of advertising options.  Also making a few video of your own is always good as long as you fully fill out the description.  Always add links to additional resources in every piece of media offsite especially YouTube videos.

Nextdoor Marketing:    Have you heard about Nextdoor?  For a local business this is a serious must have!  Nextdoor is like Facebook except instead of friends and family, it’s your neighbors.  You create a business profile off your personal and then build it up.  Over time you get the power to interact with thousands of locals that live directly around your business.  This can be so powerful for a local small service provider like a house keeper, dog walker, handyman or electrician.  Plus, you build referrals or likes.  The more you get the larger the area of your influence!  It took a year to build up to 20+ likes and by doing so I had access to a half million local residents!  Oh, did I mention it was all FREE!  Nextdoor doesn’t charge for profiles or posting.  They make money from ads like from local realtors.  What else is Nextdoor for?  It keeps you informed to neighborhood related stuff like break ins, yard sales, community news and more.  Highly recommended!

Messaging App Marketing Packages:

Instant Message App Marketing daytona BeachOne of the hottest forms of marketing today is through messaging apps!  Instead of the old chat box you can setup chat bots.  A chat bot can answer common consumer questions or alert a rep for help.  Some of these services allow you to add that consumer to a list for future messages.

WordPress Marketing Packages:

Wordpress Website Expert Daytona BeachWordPress is the best option for your website.  There are millions of people that work on this open source platform and endless themes/plugins.  Each offers special features that would take thousands to develop inhouse.

I have a list of plugins & themes that I have vetted.  My prime objective is always for speed since that is what hurts a company the most.

Why WordPress?  The money you spend on someone to code & maintain your website by hand could be used for lead generation.  I would only go the route of coding if you are so big you have a separate SEO or marketing department. 

Open Source WordPress has many solutionsI use several paid plugins and super basic themes that have no bloat and load fast (or can load fast when optimized).  I also believe a website should have it’s main pages (sales pages) and a blog.

A blog can look just like the rest of the site or completely different based on season.  I love Elementor which is a page (site) builder.  It allows me to build/create/modify the template around your content by category/type.

Competitor & Market Research Packages:

Know your competitors for a greater advantageOne of the most valuable things a company can do is to look at their competitors and your shared market.  There are tools that tell me what keyword phrases they rank for and what ones they are buying.  I can also see that ad copy they ran and a bunch of other data.

There are hundreds of opportunities to mimic what a competitor is doing and to expand your own lead generation market. Plus you should be link building and trying to get the same links all your competitors have.

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