Welcome To Bowman Web Services!

I build websites that rank on the first page of Google!

Are you tired of hearing about SEO and how it will transform your business?  Would you like to hear the truth and know what your in for before you try to rank?

SEO is the study of building a targeted page of content and then inching it up in the search results.  Each page or post can target a similar related idea around your niche.  The idea is to get generic free traffic from the search engines to your website.

That free internet traffic can propel a company forward if it can be converted into sales or leads.

The truth is that this is a long term process and cannot be done with less than a years commitment, from both of us!  That means you will need to invest thousands upfront or give me a piece of your company long term.

It took me 9 months, 100 pages of content and 100 videos to take the first page of Google for Arvada Handyman Services.  If you are in a niche that is stronger it will take more time!

If someone is telling you that they can rank you on Google for $99, they are full of shit!  It takes work and lots of it.  To rank for Arvada Colorado handyman services, it took over 1,000 hours of strategic planning and content generation. 

To reinforce this position I created 5 social networks and filled them with content.  The results are a strong and consistent lead generation system!  Everyday my phone rings without having to pay for advertising.

Plus it will take a lot of work for someone to beat or outrank me.  It’s all about being “King Of The Mountain”!  The more strategic content you create, the more search phrases you can target.  In one year, I built one of the largest handyman websites in Colorado history!